Still Just Squidding

Quick roundup of the past four match days:

Three nailbiters for this set. Maho forcing the tie, and another testament to how strong Saki is. Maho’s just good enough to compete with the ace of a mid-low tier faction in MST, and just one vote away from winning. As for B03, another one-vote decider, Chiaki being the unfortunate victim this time. Lastly, Bamboo Blade asserts authority with one of its support characters just having enough oomph to push through.

Hayate gets finally on board, and empthatically with Hamster on a starring role, still rough days ahead for the mighty MST power. Bleach with a surprise win, and Ochinko’s Mayuka having enough boost, and that’s the story for this day.

Sakura is really strong, and we already know this. Hiiragi tried, but no way is Sakura losing to non-aces. Pretty win for Rina, and a normal routine for SZS with another defeat. The other big story for this is Rozen winning, this shouldn’t be news, but beating Marie (presumably second strongest from PSYREN) with a supporting character shows us how hard it is to stop RM’s domination.

One of the best challengers against RM makes her case here. Ika is just squidding around her opponents right now. She’s really poised to make it happen. In other news Kaori keeps SZS in winless despair after ace Komori dropped out in the round’s earlier matches, as Kafuka loses in another heartbreaker. Also getting on board is Ushio to Tora’s Mayuko.

With those for quickly out of the way, let’s get on with today’s set:

Heavy hitters are actually gonna take the stage stage today. First one, not so much, and the split between the two Higurashi charas might give Double-J’s Aya enough to push ahead. Shinku has to be the favorite in the second match, but Saten will at least try to make it a match. I don’t think it will matter in the end as she’s gonna get whiplashed by Reiner Rubin. Finally, the other strong Mikoto in this tournament will make another demonstration of her power. It’s no mystery that the Mysterious Girlfriend X herself will end up owning this match.

Check back later for the updated character list in the sidebar to reflect the voting codes for the next four days. The bracket, however, is now updated to reflect the past four matches completed.


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