A Lotte of Beating

1 234 Astarotte Ygvar @ Astarotte’s Toy! [43.39%]
2 159 Tooru @ A Channel [28.80%]
2 159 Mizuki Himeji @ Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu [28.80%]

1 235 Suzuha Amane @ Steins;Gate [41.59%]
2 215 Yuuko Aioi @ Nichijou [38.05%]
3 115 Iroha Tsuchiura @ Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne! [20.35%]

Well, Lotte and Suzuha grabbed their wins today – Yuuko did put up a decent fight, while I was somewhat disappointed with Tooru’s performance. Then again, I was not too surprised as Tooru, in my opinion, isn’t A-Channel’s ace despite appearing to be so (In fact, Run and Yuuko performed better than Tooru stats-wise in terms of combined prelim+R1 results!)

Moving on. Not gonna discuss Block C’s match – the winner is fairly obvious there and there will not be any assassination attempts for now. However, Nero vs Maekawa vs Ritos could be an intriguing one. Ritos is definitely out of the running, so let’s consider the other two. Maekawa’s the sole representative for Denpa Onna left after Ryuushi was eliminated by Barkhorn, while Milky Holmes face their first test for the round. Comparing Nero and Maekawa head-to-head, the latter has had the better stats, so what about series strength?

(average vote/average vote percentage)
Winners only: Milky Holmes 194.6 (46.21%) – 258.5 (51.44%) Denpa Onna
Overall: Milky Holmes 212.2 (41.79%) – 209.8 (36.42%) Denpa Onna

A mixed result here – but if you factor in the fact that Meme was in the same group as Erio, thus pulling the average numbers down, it seems that the Denpa Onna girls are able to attract more votes than the girls of Milky Holmes. Of course, another thing to consider is that support for the Denpa Onna girls has somewhat worsened since Erio’s exit. Still, I think Maekawa can scrap out a win here.

Picks: Madoka, Maekawa
Prediction: Madoka, Maekawa

Also, if anyone is wondering where frustra went to, he has sold his soul to mtg… cool story bro -frustra


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