Strike Two

frustra is away again, so no newspaper.jpg for now…

1 317 Kurisu Makise @ Steins;Gate [46.89%]
2 268 Miya Tachibana @ Amagami SS [39.64%]
3 91 Itsuwa @ A Certain Magical Index [13.46%]

1 293 Erica Hartmann @ Strike Witches [44.19%]
2 290 Lingyin Huang @ Infinite Stratos [43.74%]
3 80 Pao-Lin Huang @ Tiger & Bunny [12.07%]

As a big fan of Kurisu, I’m pleased with her victory today, but Erica’s win grabbed the headlines today, in my opinion. Like Barkhorn, Erica had to withstand a late onslaught from Rin, but it proved to be a lil’ too late for the IS girl. It was an underestimation of Erica’s strength perhaps, because Rin has the capability to garner more votes as shown in R1. In any case, the Witches passed yet another tricky obstacle, while IS choked on their first one in R2.

So we move on to today’s match-ups. Not as high-intensity as it was yesterday, but let’s go through them anyway. First up, Himeji vs Tooru vs Lotte. I doubt that Himeji would be able to mount a challenge here, so I will be excluding her from the discussion. So, both Tooru and Lotte finished top of their prelim groups, but based on their performance thus far, Lotte has been convincing with her wins, while Tooru has had to scrape it out. Lotte’s also been able to attract larger numbers than Tooru, so there’s greater support for her. Even in terms of series strength, Lotte has the advantage as we see here:

(average votes/average vote %)
Winners only: Lotte No Omocha 263.33 (49.20%) vs 267.33 (45.53%) A-Channel
Overall: Lotte No Omocha 184.6 (34.55%) vs 184.83 (31.08%) A-Channel

So with the odds seem stacked up against Tooru, Lotte will probably clinch it here.

Next, Suzuha vs Iroha vs Yuuko. Iroha stands no chance of winning here, so let’s focus on Suzuha vs Yuuko. Suzuha’s performances have been better than Yuuko’s in this tournament. Much of it boils down to better support for the Steins;Gate series, as we can see from the Round 1 statistics:

(average votes/average vote %)
Winners only: Steins;Gate 301.5 (49.43%) vs 352.5 (47.48%) Nichijou
Overall: Steins;Gate 247.2 (41.30%) vs 233.83 (36.85%) Nichijou

You may disagree with me and point towards the higher average votes the winners from Nichijou received over their Steins;Gate counterparts, but those numbers are inflated as Yuuko and Nano’s R1 matches took place when big names were involved. Even then, the vote %, as you can see, is lower than that of Steins;Gate.

So, Suzuha to win this one.

Picks: Lotte, Suzuha
Prediction: Lotte, Suzuha


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