Prediction: 2-1 (15-9)

Picks: 2-1 (11-12-1)

Rozen Maiden can actually be beaten by a non-superstar character. Granted, Megu and Nori rank low in the RM pecking order, but I guess it’s a start for those aspiring to break free from the dolls’ iron grip in the tournament. Excellent job by Chisame.

I’m kinda surprised by the low amount of votes that Yami had, but I am thinking that the competition was so balanced that it worked out that way. Poor Poplar.

Lastly, pleased by Noda’s win. That’s probably the most that she can go, unfortunately. I’ll take it though!

Next up:

Predictions: Chika, Chiaki, Kyouko

Picks: Tooru, Chiaki, Miyako.

Well, the surest bet out of these three matches is Genshiken’s Chika prevailing, but that’s not even clear-cut. I really have no idea how to approach B03 and C04, especially the former. I’m just gonna go with Chiaki, but it’s very much wide open. Same with c04 with classics Nausicaa and Maison Ikkoku trying to tangle with one of the big series in MST. I’m gonna go with Kyouko, as a wild guess.

Bracket is updated.


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