Battle of Wits

A one-day break is sure short, and we’re back in the midst of Saimoe action as Round 2 kicks off! Not the most exciting of starts as compared to Round 1, but we still have a battle on our hands. Ryuushi of Denpa Onna vs Barkhorn of Strike Witches – this battle is the one to look out for. As it stands, Ryuushi now represents Denpa Onna’s best chance of making it as far as possible, as there’s a high chance of Maekawa facing Ika Musume in Round 3. This actually applies for Barkhorn too – among the witches, she and Erica Hartmann are probably SW’s best bet to go as far as possible as the the rest will be eventually cross paths with a Puella Magi (except for Perrine, she faces Kuroneko).

Looking at combined statistics for prelims and R1, Ryuushi has a slight advantage over Barkhorn (hence 8 points apiece for the duo for those playing the Fantasy Game), but her numbers are inflated since she had an easy match-up in Round 1. Comparing the series average vote and average percentage in R1, we have:

Winners only: Strike Witches 269 (48.98%) – 258.5 (51.44%) Denpa Onna
Overall: Strike Witches 235.1 (40.72%) – 209.8 (36.42%) Denpa Onna

Seems like Strike Witches is the stronger series here.

So, who will come up tops? Hard to say, really. However, one thing’s for sure, Barkhorn’s performance today could be an indicator of what’s about to come for the other Witches.

As for the other match-up, it seems that Victorique will win it, with Sora no Otoshimino beginning their despair match-ups for Round 2. Will Biri Biri fans to be eager to knock Victorique out? It’ll be hard, because between Suzu and Astraea, it will be difficult to focus on one of them to deal the damage.

Picks: Victorique, Barkhorn
Prediction: Victorique, Barkhorn

frustra’s input later, but here’s his prediction: Victorique, Ryuushi


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