Tile Style


Complete dominance by Nodoka to give Saki its first win in several tries. Meanwhile Hayate is expectedly blank. KamiNomi continues to impress despite series ace LC getting the boot the previous match. It’s also the second tie so far in this round. Lastly, Mikan struggled a bit but prevailed, although that’s acceptable considering she’s up against an upstart MGX faction.

Predictions: 3-0 (13-8)

Picks: 2-1 (9-11-1)

Rozen Maiden will be at it again, although the split may derail them. Chisame, Megu’s top challenger, is also dealing with a split, but I think it’s not as big as the Megu-Nori one. But this is Rozen Maiden, so it should be presumed they’re capable of winning matchups like this.

I think Noda has a good chance in G03 but it’s really tough at this point. Can go any other way, but I’ll gamble on Noda-chan aura.

Yami is the absolute favorite in the last match. Poplar has little chance, and I’m not counting on that.

Predictions: Megu, Noda, Yami

Picks: Chisame, Noda, Poplar


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