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200th post!

Predictions: 1-2 (10-8)
Picks: 0-3 (7-10-1)

I didn’t see this coming. I was expecting a routine LC win following Kanon’s fantastic win over Maria, but Hotori came out of nowhere to nab the victory.

Same with Nodoka succumbing to Misery of Outer Zone. Negima has been solid in the prelim rounds, but no dice in this one for Honya.

Sanae reinforced Ika Musume’s might in Manga Saimoe with a solid win to go advance to Round Two.

On queue:

For C03 I’m expecting Mikan to register a win for TLR. D03 has Nodoka being the obvious favorite, but Akari might make things a little bit tougher. Lastly, Ayumi looks to spring to Round Two, but Yakumo and P2’s Akira will be challenging her for that Round Two berth.

Predictions: Mikan, Nodoka, Ayumi
Picks: Mikan, Nodoka, Yakumo


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