Idol Master


1-2 (4-5) predictions, 2-1 (4-5) picks

Well, this is really hard to crack. Hayate looks vulnerable right now, and it doesn’t look good for them as they have lost their first two matches featuring their stronger characters. Not only did Maria lose, she lost convincingly in the hands of Kanon. Great start for Kaminomi.

MST really magnifies how important each vote is in a tournament like this as Suzuha managed to overcome the odds with a nice win. Chiri didn’t even came close to winning, so another one wrong one there for me.

Finally, Akari really styled, good to see that every once in a while.

On deck:

We’ve got something good today. Saki vs. Rozen Maiden, Part One of many more to come? Well, there’s Souseiseki vs. Yumi here, and Suiseiseki vs. Momo. Too bad, Momo’s burdened with a split with Satomi (not that it would matter much). If not for that, the outcome would have been less predictable, I think. Rozen Maiden is top-tier even after all these years, so I don’t expect one of their aces to lose this early, even against one of the big guns from Saki (that’s Momo for ya).

The only way I can see the Doll Sisters losing here is a concerted effort by Ika Musume and other factions to oust the dolls for being too powerful as part of a master plan. I don’t think it really works well here, however, in constrast to AST. However, surprise me Manga Saimoe.

The last match has Index cruising, I don’t think there’s much doubt to that one.

Predictions and Picks: Boku, Desu, Windex

Again, check the character list in the sidebar for the proper voting codes for today’s match.


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