Predictions: 1-2 (3-3)
Picks: 2-1 (2-4)

Yep, this one may be ROZENSAKIHAYATEIKAbowl, but when they are not involved, it becomes very difficult to call. I love that Alicia made it in though. Yui is not that lucky though, falling to Double-J’s Maria. Another manga I need to check out some time for sure.

I wonder how many more ties will be seeing throughout the course of the tourney, considering the low volume of votes make that more likely than not. And yeah, Yamamoto-sensei definitely styled, making it look really easy against Hitoha.

Now for the next set:

Hayate will likely get their first win here, but Kanon is gonna make it hard for Maria. For H01, I think SZS is a pretty solid in Manga Saimoe so I’m gonna give Chiri the benefit of the doubt.

For the final match, it would be great for Akari to continue to keep the good times rolling, and I’m expecting her to do that just that.

Predictions: Maria, Chiri, Akari
Picks: Maria, Suzuha, Akari

Again, here’s where you can copy the proper voting codes. The current voting thread is still the same (see sidebar)


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