Archive Trap

Index finally broke her Anime Saimoe Tournament Round One curse, defeating Tantei Opera Milky Holmes’ Tooyama Saku to advance to the Second Round for the first time in three tries. The win also halted Milky Holmes’ winning streak at five. Hourou Musuko’s Suehiro Anna finished third.

To Aru Majutsu no Index’s Tsukuyomi Komoe was not so fortunate, however, as she lost in Round One to Angel Beats’ Yui, who made it two of two for her series. A-Channel’s Miho was also eliminated after falling to Yui.

Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi’s Toudou Tsumugi also progressed to the next round after defeating Macross Frontier’s Ranka Lee and Morita-san wa Mukuchi’s Morita Mayu.


1 278 Index @ To Aru Majutsu no Index II
2 185 Tooyama Saku @ Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
3 66 Suehiro Anna @ Hourou Musuko
1 265 Yui @ Angel Beats!
2 178 Tsukuyomi Komoe @ To Aru Majutsu no Index II
3 73 Miho @ A Channel
1 175 Toudou Tsumugi @ Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi
2 160 Ranka Lee @ Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa
3 148 Morita Mayu @ Morita-san wa Mukuchi


Grats to 1ndex for winning, although at the expense of my high-tier characters (especially Saku). That’s Saimoe for you, and a milestone was achieved by virtue of this win Raildex became just the 16th series to reach the 20-win plateau.

Despite the combo vote (which always seems to fail whenever I’m expecting it to work), Komoe lost to a suddenly resurgent Angel Beats faction spearheaded in this match by Yui. Komoe sure got exposed despite being consistently in the Third Round for the past two years. This year sure was a year where a lot of streaks had to end. And there may be more of that to come.

For a match without fanfare, Tsumugi-Ranka-Mayu was pretty close, although again, without that fanfare, any of them would have to be lucky just to be in Round Two.

Predictions: 2-1 (54-22)
Picks: 2-1 (31-43-1)

Let’s proceed further:

Group 5 12th 203 24.00% Nakamura Yuri (Yurippe) @ Angel Beats!
Group 6 1st 380 47.92% Kousaka Kirino @ Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Group 7 3rd 273 40.87% Tsurugi Minko @ Hanasaku Iroha

>Gotta feel bad for Yuri, as for the second year in a row she draws a tough opener. I don’t know if it will be a rout for Kirino though. Minchi’s good warm-up match for Kirino for sure.

Upset alert? Oreimo fans better be prepare for the worst but I’m confident Kirino will take care of business here. With all the assasinations we’ve seen lately, surely Oreimo is ready for this.

It has been a very strange round so far, maybe a Kirino victory will normalize things, even for just a little while.

Group 8 8th 206 25.21% Sakurai Rihoko @ Amagami SS
Group 10 16th 82 9.94% Marui Futaba @ Mitsudomoe series
Group 5 10th 214 25.30% Naganohara Mio @ Nichijou

>Both were in great groups, and both had decent numbers, so Rihoko-Mio is as interesting match as you can have without having superstar names. I think Rihoko wins due to sympathy votes after being shafted in her own arc. Cool thesis, amirite?

Faction-wise, Amagami has done better than Nichijou so far, so that’s one thing favoring the former over the latter, so there’s also that. Rihoko it is. I also believe she’s one of the more popular Amagami girls, so count on that to be a factor in the end.

Group 6 19th 94 11.85% Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois @ Dog Days
Group 7 7th 169 25.30% Charlotte E. Yeager @ Strike Witches 2
Group 8 12th 164 20.07% Yoshinoya-sensei @ Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆ Tokubetsu-hen

>Again, what are the odds that the Charlottes advancing to Saimoe Round Two does not have the surname Dunois?

Moot comment is moot. Anyway, this should be a fun matchup between two overachieving series. Charlotte strikes me as the stronger of the two, and she’ll finish first in this race more likely than not.

Predictions: Kirino, Rihoko, Shirley
Picks: Kirino, Rihoko, Shirley

Double Amisuke to wrap up the post.


All right, I’ll eat my words – AB is not finished just yet… at least for the popular duo of Yui and Tenshi. I was expecting Komoe to give a better fight here given her record in Saimoe, but it was not meant to be.

So moving on, Kirino vs Minko should prove to be a tasty clash. The other OreImo girls hasn’t performed too well in Round 1 so far, so will Kirino be able to notch the first win for the series? Being the top favorite to win this block, she could be in for a rough ride as her close competitors would be eager to eliminate her – one of them could be Index backers themselves, who would have a higher urgency than the rest to engage in strategic voting today.

Rihoko vs Mio could be turn out to be an interesting one too, Rihoko’s popularity is probably in the mid-range among the Amagami girls, who have performed decently – while Nichijou’s realistic hopes of getting something out of this tourney so far seems to be lying solely on Nano. A very tricky one which could hinge on vote combos on the Kirino-Minko match – I’ll just go for a Mio win.

Glamorous Shirley should win her match-up since SW is the superior faction here.

Picks: Yurippe, Futaba, Shirley
Prediction: Kirino, Mio, Shirley


2 thoughts on “Archive Trap

  1. Delta September 14, 2011 / 4:05 am

    I’m surprised you went for Komoe, even with her past history, I just didn’t see her squaring against the other half of the Sanya yuri duet, which got iirc a half-an-episode or more in SW S2 versus a handful of scenes Komoe got in Index S2.

    I’m hoping to pull a three-straight 3-0 on this next block if Kirino holds and Mio wins. Gonna be close though.

    • frustra September 14, 2011 / 4:40 pm

      I overrated the combo, and underrated Angel Beats. Happens, I guess, lol.

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