First Blood

Fourth Manga Saimoe Round One Results

Graphs:     A01 B01 C01

Predictions: 2-1
Picks:  0-3

First of all, I’ll be updating the bracket every break day (a.k.a. once every four days).

Two of three as Lucy and Asumi predictably advanced as expected. Meanwhile, Hayate and Saki lost in their opening match. A bad omen? Rena did end up stealing the win and took Izumi, Lum, Touka and Tamami home.

Next up:

Predicting Yui, Najimi and Nanako to pull it to come up with victories. Rooting hard for Alicia though, of course, and I’ll do my best to make sure she has a chance of upsetting the favored ones.

F01 looks like it will come down to Hitoha vs. Nanako. Hanamura is quite a solid faction here. Ace vs. ace is what he have here. E01 has last year’s hot JUMP faction vs. this year’s JUMP heir apparent. 2ch will probably side with Medaka’s Najimi as the new “kid” in the block. D01 will be “Kokegawa” vs. Acony. TLR is a strong series in MST, so she has to be favored here.

Prediction: Kokegawa, Najimi, Nanako-sensei
Picks: Kokegawa, Alicia, Nanako-sensei

As usual, proper voting codes provided here: again, (ONLY the japanese ones with brackets). The usual tools are in the sidebar.


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