Fourth Manga Saimoe Coverage

If you have been browsing this site for a while you may have noticed that Manga Saimoe link in the sidebar, or the previous winners of such contest in the Champions Archive.

True enough, it does exist, and it has been going on since July 11, with the First Prelims, the problem being there’s no English coverage for it this year. Well, not anymore.

Starting today I’ll be touching up on the 4th Manga Saimoe, now that an English translation for the qualified charaters for the Second Prelims is available thanks to chaosprophet, as usual.

Let’s get to the basics first though, with my attempt at a Manga Saimoe primer.


This is the biennial event to determine the most moe manga character out there, you know, by voting! (That’s right, we gaijins can actually generate a code and vote in this one! More on this later).


Ah, one of the aspects that I like about Manga Saimoe is that all female characters are eligible from Ah My Goddess to Zetman, from Maison Ikkoku to Madoka Magica. Okay, the previous statement is not 100% accurate, but you get the drill, series, new and old are eligible, including the famous (and infamous) characters we know and love. Suiseiseki, Haramura Nodoka, Soryu Asuka Langley, Katsura Hinagiku, Kinomoto Sakura – they’re in here, and they’re all pretty good!


Well, as I mentioned, it has started awhile ago, July 11, with the First Prelims. But I elected not to cover it for various reasons. First one: no English translation until now. Second: There are freaking nine thousand characters participating in the initial cut. That’s 32 groups consisting of more or less 300+ characters each. Crazy.

No date is set yet as to when the tournament will conclude, for only the First Round of the Main Draw is scheduled.


Of course. Voting method’s basically like Anime Saimoe, so if you have been a regular voter in that one, this one’s a piece of cake. It’s only a matter of knowing where to vote.

If not, then here’s the drill.

First, generate a code here. If all goes well, it will give you a certain time to refresh and get your code. If the time does not appear, and you get a proxy error instead (the usual AST fare), then tough luck. The good thing is that the codegen is less restrictive in this one as long as you don’t fool around, you should be always to get your code.

Note that I opened the codegen on 23:43 JST. That’s one of the tricks to get a code faster. Normally you have to wait for one hour. Note the refresh time right there just above the voting link (23:58 in this instance). Now go to the voting thread, linked below and in the sidebar in the future. Here’s my sample ballot, the voting code is in the last line, so it’s not visible in this cap.

Click the only valid button there is (again, don’t forget sage), and it should take you to this screen, in which you just have to wait for a few seconds and it will take you back to the voting thread. And voila, you’re done! It might sound complicated at first, but really, it’s not, once you get a hang of it.

Another intuitive feature of their codegen is that it links you to the characters that you can vote for. But it doesn’t help us if you can’t read moonrunes. Thankfully, I will be able to provide you guys with the translated list this time around. Just copypasta the Japanese ones along with the brackets, (which are obviously important as without the proper character codes your vote will be null).

TL;DR: you need a code, along with the characters you can vote for. No need for moe-bun (i.e. additional comments, this is required in the current AST)

Apparently you can vote for thirty (!!!) characters in this second prelim round, just like in the first prelims.  This is different from AST’s second prelims. This one is not a repechage round, in fact it will be trimming down the number of participants even further. There will be twelve groups consisting of 171-172 characters each. Top 32 from each group will advance. Speaking of which, the tournament will have seven rounds after this one, with the main draw having 384 participants at the minimum. I’ll get further into this as we get more information.


I’ll be providing the voting threads daily, and like in AST, there is an alternative thread to vote (I recommend voting in this one because it is less restrictive and I vote in this one personally).


Participating in this one is a good way to have exposure in the series out there. Just like in AST, it’s more than a popularity contest and one of the aims is to promote lesser-known series. Future AST superstars have their roots in this contest – BB’s Tamaki (top 8’d in 2005 before top 8’ing in AST 2008); Ika-Musume was a top 16 character and she looks poised to deliver in AST this year as well)

As to why I am covering it? Same reason why I’m covering AST. It’s serious fun, after all. And I figure it might be cool for MS to have some exposure too, like its more famous Anime counterpart. Lastly, because you can actually vote in this one!

Other things of note:

  1. When voting, put sage in the email field. It’s more polite that way. Also, just to ensure that the other voters won’t know you are n00bing around.
  2. Voting time is from 00:30-23:00:59.99 JST; past that, your vote won’t count.
  3. We don’t have a tracker for this one.
  4. The vote totals are much smaller than AST, so the importance of each vote is even more magnified.
  5. Obviously you can’t multivote, you can’t vote more than the maximum amount of characters for each ballot, or else all of them won’t count.
  6. Again, just like in AST, in case of a tie, both will advance (i.e tie for 32nd place).

Looks like I have touched up on the basics. If you have questions, please just comment below.

As you have noticed, this is the 4th iteration of MS. I have sparsely covered the 3rd one two years ago, and a look at the champions archive you will see that the previous winners were Kukuri (Mahoujin Guru Guru), Kanaria, and Suigintou (Rozen Maiden). Here’s a visual on how the final rounds of the tournament went down (again, by cp).

So what to expect during this year’s tournament? A look at the top five from each prelim group might give us some information (note: top 60 advanced from each).

Loving the variety here already. That’s a lot of ties for fourth place right there for Group One. 2005 champ Kukuri is still going strong ater all these years.

Tamaki remains a perennial contender here. Haramura Nodoka looks to continue to build up on her top 4 finish years ago. Hayate looks solid as ever.

Riza Hawkeye! Katte ni Kaizou, a series overlooked in this year’s AST, seems to be a force in this one. Expectedly, Ika Musume is one of the strongest contenders from the looks of things so far. Also, sup Haqua.

Okay, we have an iconic set of winners here… Sakura, Nausicaa, Suiseiseki and… Mikuru? Really? I also noticed that Medaka Box has been representing characters in the top five. I think they will also be good in this tourney. Long way to go, though.

The finalists from two years ago in consecutive groups. And a Medaka box win. And an interesting battle between the Mysterious Girlfriend and the New Magical Girls in the block, with a former quarterfinalist (Frederica). And to cap off this set, an amusing 1-2 finish involving Eve and Yami. Hats off to those who get that joke. Great set of groups right here, I have to say.

Familiar names with this one. Rozen Maiden doing their usual thing, and a lot more in between. There’s even an IS sighthing in here. Sup Houki.

Saki Block Party at 27. Rozen with more wins. Madoka seems to be good also, winning over “old guards” Tomoyo and Yako. And more Saki. And Hayate. And Rozen. Sounds like AST to me.

Final set. Capped by yet more Hayate and Rozen wins, and of course, there’s always Bamboo Blade. Sanae sure challenged 2007 champ Kanaria (which baffles me up to this very day), to make sure that Ika Musume will be relevant in this contest.

So here’s a quick rundown of the heavy hitters so far:

  • Saki – 10 characters who reached at least top five in their groups, 3 prelim wins
  • Rozen Maiden – 9 characters, 6 prelim wins
  • Hayate – 7 characters, 3 wins
  • Ika Musume – 5 charas, 2 wins

The new (magical) girls on the block are quite making an impact too, and the usual suspects Kinomio Sakura, Evangelion’s 1-2 of Asuka and Eva, Bamboo Blade and Raildex, among others are forces to be reckoned with.

Here’s Group One,  care of chaosprophet. Copypasta from there, then vote in the current 2ch thread or the alternate thread (recommended).

The top contenders here should be Kiri (SZS, she also did well last year), newcomer Mami, probably Miyako and Noda. Not the most powerful of groups (Group Four packs quite a punch), but it’s still a nice way to get things started.

*** Main Draw Round One Update ***

Round One has 409 characters, three groups of four-five characters per day, and this will run for approximately for one month. You can ONLY vote for one character for each match, just like your regular AST fare.

And that’s that. We Saimoe Now.


4 thoughts on “Fourth Manga Saimoe Coverage

  1. Sjiveru August 24, 2011 / 7:16 pm

    This looks so awesome, thanks for mentioning it.

    (You might want to mention that the refresh time is down at the bottom, in the format 1時30分 – it took me a while to find it)

    • frustra August 24, 2011 / 7:21 pm

      alright. added that note 🙂

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