Angelic Destiny

Tachibana Kanade kept the beats going at least for another round for Angel Beats as she dominated her aniticpated matchup against K-On’s Kotobuki Tsumugi, to set up a showdown with Yumekui Merry’s Merry Nightmare and Amagami’s Ayatsuki Tsukasa. Finishing a distant third behind Kanade and Mugi was A-Channel’s Yutaka.

Erica Hartmann took one for Strike Witches, prevailing over Hidan no Aria’s Mine Riko and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka’s Mael Strom. The win forges an encounter with Infinite Stratos Huang Lingyin and Tiger and Bunny’s Huang Pao-Lin.

In the final match of the opening round for Block B, Aioi Yuuko gave Nichijou its first Saimoe win, on the strength of a late push over Strike Witches’ Sakamoto Mio and Katanagatari’s Togame. Yuuko faces Steins;Gate’s Amane Suzuha and Onii-chan no Koto’s Tsuchiura Iroha next.


1 527 Tachibana Kanade (Tenshi) @ Angel Beats!
2 378 Kotobuki Tsumugi @ K-ON!!
3 57 Yutaka @ A Channel 668
1 383 Erica Hartmann @ Strike Witches 2
2 322 Mine Riko @ Hidan no Aria
3 172 Mael Strom (Tomonori) @ Kore wa Zombie Desuka?
1 362 Aioi Yuuko @ Nichijou
2 354 Sakamoto Mio @ Strike Witches 2
3 134 Togame @ Katanagatari


Well, would you look at that.

I expected Tenshi to prevail, but that was a total beatdown. I guess the backlash for K-On is now at its highest – to the point that Azusa losing to Haqua even with the aid of Yui is a realistic proposition now. So, looks like Ryuuko has a challenge ahead of her coming up, as this Tenshi win would probably have people forgetting that she actually lost to Nako in the prelims.

The witches couldn’t make it a double strike, and I predicted wrongly on who wins and who doesn’t here. Completely. I have overestimated Hidan no Aria and underestimated Strike Witches, and maybe even both. I did detail though that Yuuko winning was very likely too, as her sympathizers might want to push her so as to at least get one over Mai (I would too!).

The Erica one was unexpected for me though. It was a convincing win despite Riko trying to make it more of a contest in the closing hours.

So yeah, still a dismal day for predictions (1-2; 14-10 overall), but at least I 3-0’d the picks for the first time in these first eight days. 9-15 now in that department.

Since it’s break day, just check out the previews tomorrow. Here’s a quick look at how the prelim groups look like right now:

HAHA, 0-3 in predictions. I didn’t expect Kanade to win by such a blow-out – I was expecting K-ON!! to showcase their actual strength but alas, it seems that champion syndrome has already taken its toll on the series early on in the tournament. Azusa will find it difficult to emulate Suiseiseki’s and Nanoha’s winning streak.

As for Erica, rather than underestimating her, I overestimated the strength of the Hidan no Aria series (I was somewhat convinced by frustra to believe this LOL). But yeah, things are looking rosy for the Witches despite Sakamoto missing out, and I guess that the SW fans are pushing for a Barkhorn vs Hartmann finale for Block B. It will be difficult for that to happen though, especially on Barkhorn’s side, but we shall see how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Angelic Destiny

  1. Kaosu August 23, 2011 / 3:27 pm

    Yay Kanade!

    Just a question though, does the vote tracker count fake votes or something? Cause I remember looking at it this morning and Mugi had over 400 and was just 60 or so behind Kanade.

    • frustra August 23, 2011 / 3:34 pm

      Yes, it does count to the well-placed fake votes (i.e. ones with unique 2ch ID and unique code). As far as I know it doesn’t count the obvious ones (same 2ch id, same code, etc).

      The only way to determine if the code is authentic is at the end of the polling day where the valid codes used are released by the code administrator, so the vote tracker can’t do anything about that.

  2. Progeusz August 23, 2011 / 6:49 pm

    Actually, Mugi had 149 fake votes, Tenshi had 88 (yeah, I was reloading vote counter all the time)
    Erica had over 100 fake votes (I remember her having over 500 votes but not as much as Mugi). Yukko & Mio a little bit less than 100 fakes.
    Seriously, we can easily call it a fake day, 200+ fakes every match.

    I’m glad Tenshi won by such a big margin, she deserves at least 1/4 after last year – 😛
    Tsukasa & Merry next round, Ryuuko in third… at least final of grup B will be piece of cake if… when she gets there (ridiculous imo when final match is easiest one out of four).

  3. scineram August 24, 2011 / 10:02 am

    I was very impressed with the participation. 950 voters right there. Outstanding so far.

  4. Progeusz August 25, 2011 / 5:56 am

    Only Homura vs Misaka was better – almost 1350 voters (!!!)

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