Chinese Cruisin’

Infinite Stratos debuted successfully in the Main Draw of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011, as Huang Lingyin easily beat Seitokai Yakuindomo’s Amakusa Shino to advance to the Round Two. Third place went to Sasa Kanako in the said match.

Ayatsuji Tsukasa continued the impressive performance of Amagami SS in the Main Draw as she beat out Yosuga no Sora’s Kasugano Sora and Sengoku Otome’s Tokugawa Ieyasu in the second leg of the tripleheader.

Hanasaku Iroha also sent their first character to the Second Round as Shijima Sui notched a win over Suite Pretty Cure’s Houjou Hibiki. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica remained winless in the Main Draw as Charlotte lost.


1 297 Shijima Sui @ Hanasaku Iroha [42.43%]
2 265 Houjou Hibiki (Cure Melody) @ Suite Pretty Cure♪ [37.86%]
3 138 Charlotte (Okashi no Majo) @ Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica [19.71%]
1 322 Ayatsuji Tsukasa @ Amagami SS [45.10%]
2 288 Kasugano Sora @ Yosuga no Sora [40.34%]
3 104 Tokugawa Ieyasu @ Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox [14.57%]
1 330 Huang Lingyin @ Infinite Stratos [48.18%]
2 245 Amakusa Shino @ Seitokai Yakuindomo [35.77%]
3 110 Sasa Kanako @ Hourou Musuko [16.06%]


I always thought 2ch did a job of making sure that their lolis would advance, but today appeared to be an exception. Apparently they think grandmothers are more moe.  Hibiki could not replicate Erika’s magic last year as she feel to Sui, which is definitely a “Suiprise.” MadoMagi decided to lay low though by just letting the cake expire. Meanwhile, HanaIro could not resist the temptation of pushing their Grandma character into the second round, and that just happened. Let’s see if it comes back to haunt them later. If anything, this win just shows how dangerous Hanairo can be, because Sui just managed to garner 64 votes in her (relatively) light prelim group. Poor Hibiki.

Same with Sora, who stumbled against a surging Amagami faction. Tsukasa appeared the underdog in the numbers by comparison, but it ended up being irrelevant. This also puts Kuroneko’s power into perspective, because Tsukasa finished a distant third in that group with Gokou Ruri. I thought Sora would have enough to power her through to Round Two, but being basically an army of one probably made it difficult.

Infinite Stratos opened up with the kind of promising debut that was originally expected of them as Rin had a good showing over her less-heralded opponents. This definitely gives hope for Char who looks to be the underdog in her impending match against Erio in the weeks ahead.

Embarassing prediction day overall, which had me going 1-2 (8-7 overall), and 0-3 (4-11, wtf) in picks. orz.

Tomorrow, is Ritsu day, maybe I can do better this time. (Her birthday, she’s not on deck yet).

Group 10    13th    138    16.73%    Sairenji Haruna @ Motto To Love-Ru
Group 3    6th    269    34.22%    Gertrud Barkhorn @ Strike Witches 2
Group 12    6th    204    32.08%    Shiomiya Shiori @ Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai series

>Unfortunately for Shiori this year, Barkhorn has more bite than bark this time around. Should be close but Gertrud did well while being in Homura’s group, while Shiori did average in Char’s group. Go figure.

KamiNomi’s performance has been dismal so far. Is this where they start to turn things around? I doubt it as I don’t think Shiori’s that popular in 2ch despite the (probable) HanaKana boost. Look for the more solid Strike Witches faction to push Gertrud through. Warning flag: Minna, the first witch in the fray, fared horribly. Last note: Shiori “lost” to two witches in her prelim group.

Hard match to predict. Going with Barkhorn nonetheless.

Group 16    12th    163    20.61%    Kurumi Erika (Cure Marine) @ HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
Group 1    4th    184    33.76%    Merry Nightmare @ Yumekui Merry
Group 7    11th    117    17.51%    Airi @ Queen’s Blade OVA: Utsukushiki Toushitachi

>Erika had a cinderella ride from 2nd prelims to 2nd round last year, but this year’s matchup is a (Merry) Nightmare.

This one’s easier. Merry without even thinking about it.

Group 2    13th    77    13.73%    Musubi @ Sekirei: Pure Engagement
Group 3    11th    131    16.67%    Yagyuu Jubei Mitsuyoshi @ Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
Group 3    7th    223    28.37%    Amane Suzuha @ Steins;Gate

>No, Suzuha, you’re not failing this time!

Ditto. Rematch from Prelims Three. Looks like a pretty academic win for our part-time worker.

TL;DR: Two-no brainers, with one really tough match.

Predictions: Barkhorn, Merry, Suzuha
Picks: Shiori, Erika, Suzuha


Hey, Grandma pulled through! Just I’d expected, backing from the HanaIro fans and perhaps a lil’ bit of trolling on 2ch’s side were the crucial factors today. Ayatsuji had to tussle with Sora, but eventually secured a decent victory margin. Yet another impressive performance by an Amagami SS girl, so make what you will with regards to that Kurisu vs Ai match the other day. Ai was, in my opinion, underestimated in that match. Eyes will be on Miya and Ayatsuji to see whether they can advance past the second round. Meanwhile, Rin had an easy outing against Shino and Kanako, so IS does have some power to boot.

Moving on to today’s match-ups. Merry should seize victory with ease unless a freak result happens. That leaves us with the other two groups: the first would probably feature a battle between Barkhorn and Shiori. KamiNomi girls hasn’t really impressed in the prelims, but Shiori remains one of their better-performing ones. In her prelim group, she narrowly lost out to two of the Strike Witches – Lynette and Lucchini – and Barkhorn is probably around that level. Barkhorn herself was in a tough prelim group, but did decent to finish 6th behind the likes of Homura, Ika Musume and BiriBiri. This will probably be a tightly-contested affair, but I’m gonna go for Shiori here.

The other battle would feature Suzuha against Jubei. Both met in the same prelim group before – Suzuha had 92 votes more than Jubei, but with a head-to-head battle this time round, things could turn out different. But still, part-time warrior should have the edge here – she probably has even more fans now after the series of events that happened in the Steins;Gate anime.

Picks: Shiori, Merry, Suzuha
Prediction: Shiori, Merry, Suzuha


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