Block Buster

Welcome to the First Round of Saimoe!

Just like last year, I’ll be previewing the matches in chronological order so combo votes and the like can be taken into consideration. I’m only going to cover the opening round pending official word on the resolution regarding rumored reshuffles in between blocks (which I frankly don’t think will not push through for various reasons such as tradition, logistics consideration and the fact that it takes away the strategic part of Saimoe which makes it special). Anyway, enough word on that and let’s go down to business. Predictions are underlined, with my quick notes. I’ll try to go more into detail with these matches come their respective “game days.”

Block A


Haibara Ai vs. Hagimura Suzu vs. Nagase Jun vs. Mikogami Nagisa

Suzu. Kaminomi might be the stronger faction, but Suzu is SYD’s ace. No second round wins this time, Ai. That being said it came to me that you can’t spell Saimoe without Ai. Fitting. Not enough love for Nagisa.

Akemi Homura vs. Sara vs. Misaka Mikoto

Greatest opening match ever? Shana-Eva 2007 obviously has that title for now, but if this match delivers, then an argument can be made for this one. Much has been said about this match the moment the draw was made and it was revealed that this is the opening match. I’m gonna add more:

Reasons why Homura will win:
>Essentially a rematch of the prelims, and Homura blasted Mikoto in that one as we already know
>Fresh faces thriving in Saimoe is the trend this year and prelim results showed us that
>Raildex is an obvious decline this year

Reasons why Mikoto will win:
>Strategic voting, Mikoto is easier to take out than the powerhouse Homura, and other concerned factions will want to eliminate one of the biggest threats ASAP
>Combo votes with Itsuwa will help provide enough boost to knock off Homura (Riiiiiight)

The reasons for a Homura victory I think will outweigh the reasons for her losing, but it will be a close match that will likely be decided by a final rush (like what Homura did in the prelims).

I won’t really be surprised if Mikoto wins and breaks the block open, (I was thinking upset early on, but I changed my mind), but at the end of it all, we will remember this match for a long time regardless of the outcome.

Tachibana Rio vs. Itsuwa vs. Manabe Nodoka

Itsuwa. Both series are weaker than they were last year, but K-On dropped harder. Besides, I could voters going for her since she’s a debuting character. Nodoka already had a free pass last year during K-On’s glory days, and the combo votes from Mikoto makes the outcome of this match a foregone conclusion.


Astraea vs. Nakata Sae vs. Cordelia Glauca

Cordelia. Just better numbers around and Milky Holmes is definitely the stronger series at this point. Both were in almost-equally strong groups with good turnout, so that lessens my doubts regarding Cordelia’s ability to beat Astraea.

Eucliwood Hellscythe vs. Ferris Eris vs. Hide Yoshino

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka might have been a disappointment, but Eu sure got lucky with this gift match. Yoshihide might make it a bit tougher, but she’s certainly not someone that can give Eu a scare.

Himeji Mizuki vs. Kawashima Minami vs. Shiina Mayuri

Without even taking into account individual strengh, it’s easy to see that Mayuri will win this one based on faction strengh. BakaTest and Steins;Gate are also both airing so that is not a factor that will decide this match, just sheer force.


Victorique de Blois vs. Nagi vs. Kousaka Chihiro

I don’t need a wellspring of wisdom or fountain of sagacity to see that Victorique will win this. Of course how much of a beating she will deliver will be something to see. We saw that she can hang out with the big guns in the prelims, let’s see if she can beat down like the big ‘uns do.

Ume vs. Carina Verritti vs. Tachibana Miya

Miya’s up against two second prelim qualifiers. Obvious winner is obvious.

Ricotta Elmar vs. Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke vs. Tooru

It’s another case of a stronger faction supporting character heading against another slightly weaker faction’s ace. The funny thing is that two years ago, Minna reached the furthest out of the witches, but I think that was an abberation caused by an extremely easy bracket. I think Tooru gets the W in this one.


Karina Lyle vs. Kasane Toudou vs. Chaos

Tricky match, though I think it would have been trickier if there was a stronger HoshiKaka character in there. I’m thinking Karina wins this one out of instinct. Though Chaos qualified directly, it was by virtue of one of the weaker groups out there. Meanwhile, Karina got stuck in Madoka’s group which is one of the harder ones to get in. Close match, but Karina will ice it.

Zakuro vs. Makise Kurisu vs. Nanasaki Ai

If Kurisu plans to go all the way, then her Block A upset campaign begins here. Just take care of business. She gets a not-so-easy match, but if beating last year’s superstars Azusa and Saten in the prelims doesn’t inspire confidence, then nothing else will.

Astarotte Ygvar vs. Yukimura Chizuru vs. Suzuki Jun

Kurisu’s potential block semis opponent gets a gimme. Astarotte’s just gonna toy with these girls.

Block B


Shijima Sui vs. Houjou Hibiki vs. Charlotte

I don’t know what’s more jarring: the possibility of Madoka’s Charlotte doing better than IS’ Char, or Ohana’s grandma getting more votes than Pretty Cure’s Hibiki. Your call. Anyway, predicting Charlotte- following the simple logic that 1st prelim > 2nd prelim charas. Next.

Kasugano Sora vs. Tokugawa Ieyasu vs. Ayatsuji Tsukasa

Sora’s got this: more votes in a more difficult group (Group Five) over Tsukasa. How hard Tsukasa will make it for Sora is the more compelling question here.

Amakusa Shino vs. Huang Lingyin vs. Sasa Kanako

IS’ series mojo should carry Rin to victory but like Sora-Tsukasa, still an interesting match to kick off Block B.


Sairenji Haruna vs. Gertrud Barkhorn vs. Shiomiya Shiori

Unfortunately for Shiori this year, Barkhorn has more bite than bark this time around. Should be close but Gertrud did well while being in Homura’s group, while Shiori did average in Char’s group. Go figure.

Kurumi Erika vs. Merry Nightmare vs. Airi

Erika had a cinderella ride from 2nd prelims to 2nd round last year, but this year’s matchup is a (Merry) Nightmare.

Musubi vs. Yagyuu Jubei vs. Amane Suzuha

No, Suzuha, you’re not failing this time!


Mutsumi Mitsuba vs. Mifune Ryuuko vs. Kurusu Kanako

Snap judgment has me going for Ryuushi, and the numbers tell me that I am right.

Shinonono Tabane vs. Huang Pao-Lin vs. Houjou Ayane

Uh, oh, no for Ayane. It’s basically the Dragon Kid vs Houki’s sister. Tough match to call but I’m gonna go with Dragon Kid, who barely missed out in Ohana’s group. Tabane meanwhile barely made it in Tooru’s group. Series strength obviously goes to IS’ advantage but that won’t always give you a win. I think this will be a textbook example of that.

Minakami Mai vs. Tsuchiura Iroha vs. Angelene

Looks like an even match among the three, so I am going to rely on my instincts – Iroha wins this match close match involving three characters that placed 12th in their prelim groups.


Kotobuki Tsumugi vs. Yutaka vs. Tachibana Kanade

One of the more exciting matches of the opening round features two series going downhill. Mugi posted better prelim votes, but Kanade had a better percentage. Mugi lost to Ohana, while Tenshi lost to Nako. I think Tenshi wins this as part of Angel Beats’ last hurrah. Can’t immediately count out somebody who last year had potential to do great things in Saimoe. With respect to Mugi though, she also came close to knocking out Saten last year.

At the end of it all though, I think the K-On characters that can actually beat Tenshi in an essentially one-on-one match are Azusa, Yui and Mio (questionable, since she lost to Tenshi in the prelims last year).

Mine Riko vs. Mael Strom vs. Erica Hartmann

Another spicy mid-tier match to accompany Block B’s main event for the opening round. Or maybe not. I’ll go with Riko this one, as again, KoreZon has been disappointing. If it was Yoshika or Sanya representing SW in this match the decision would have been harder, but I guess Riko guts it out in the end with a close win. One thing Erica has going for her? Combo votes with Mio, but will it be enough?

Sakamoto Mio vs. Togame vs. Aioi Yuuko

I definitely think it will be enough to aid Mio’s cause as the numbers of Yuuko and Mio are surprisigly similar. If that’s the case then combo is the edge.

Block C


Urushibara Ruka vs. Kagura vs. Ingrid Sorveig Sogrims

Truth be told I’m not sure if Kagura already has a Saimoe win, but in any case, I think she is primed to take one this year as this is essentially a rematch of Prelim One Group Five. Feyris comboing with Ruka wasn’t even enough to carry both of them in that tight group. We’ll see if the past few episodes of S;G raise Ruka’s stock, but don’t count on it.

Eclair Martinozzi vs. Kamike Izumo vs. Yuuko Kinoshita

Eclair is not the underdog here. So far, so good. She’s done it once of Yuuko in the prelims, of course she wil do it again.

Elsea de Lute Irma vs. Agnes Boulange vs. Kumashiro Maya

Elysia/Elucia/LC/Elsea’s relatively easy march to the block finals begins with a routine win.


Tomoe Wajima vs. Isurugi Mio vs. Yoshimoto Imagawa

Mio’s gonna beat it down, and I don’t even need to look at the stats for this one.

Aizawa Chizuru vs. Satsukitane Mikako vs. Hercule Barton

Hercule is too strong for these two supporting characters. SMASH!

Himegami Aisa vs. Tanamachi Kaoru vs. Honma Meiko

Amagami just can’t catch a break as Kaoru draws Menma. Don’t forget this win, Menma fans.


Sendou Erika vs. Tsurumi Chiriko vs. Kaname Madoka

Consecutive matches for AnoHana but different fortunes. Tsuruko is up against the draw’s top seed if there is such a thing. So what’s gonna be Madoka’s winning margin? Will she set a mark with regard to vote percentage too? Too bad she’s not paired with higher-profile matches, otherwise those vote totals are gonna skyrocket.

Sakuma Rinko vs. Arashiyama Hotori vs. Sae

Okay this is a tough match to get. Hotori is SoreMachi’s ace, Rinko is Azazel’s lone representative and Sae has always been around since 2006 Hidamari has a penchant for winning these types of matches but I’m gonna gamble with Hotori clinching this.

Q vs. Run vs. Akai Ringo

She’s gonna be running away with this one.


Kuronuma Sawako vs. Laura Bodewig vs. Miyamae Kanako

Laura’s first Saimoe match: she’s gonna win it. Meanwhile, she has X matches in ISML at the time of this writing and she hasn’t earned a win. Kornheiser.jpg

Francesca Lucchini vs. Sanya Litvyak vs. Usa Mimi

I probably need to do more of a research concering Strike Witches popularity polls, but in this intra-series match, my insta-pick would be Sanya. Just better numbers all-around in a stronger prelim group too!

Rebecca Anderson vs. Seraphim vs. Koumoto Madoka

Ah, this is the type of match that I hate predicting since most of the time I get it wrong. I think Madoka, despite being the second prelim qualifier that she is, pulls off the upset over Seraphim and comes back to win it. She was in Group Five after all, and placing fourteenth there is like placing eighth or ninth in a normal group.

Block D


Yuzurizaki Nero vs. Watanabe Kanako vs. Koumei (Shuri)

I won’t be shocked if Nero sets this match on fire.

Chiba Saori vs. Tougi Shiro vs. Sakai Hina

It won’t be a whitewash but basically Shiro will take out two second prelim’ers. You know the drill.

Tokiya Ayumi vs. Last Order vs. Sakurai Izumi

And the Last (Order) shall be the first.


Maekawa vs. Hatori Kanon vs. Tamura Manami

Maekawa might have placed second on her group. But it was a crappy group. Meanwhile, Manami fared better than Yui in a contested group. It’s not hard to see who wins here, and that’s not even taking faction strength into account…

Kotegawa Yui vs. Misaka #10032 vs. Kamikazi Risa

I don’t need 10032 reasons to see why Misaka’s sister wins this. Seriously though, this is actually a tough match to predict and it shall be down the wire. Kotegawa’s quite the unlucky one so I think faction strength of Misaka’s Imouto is enough to take her out in the first round, yet again.

Stocking vs. North Maiden vs. Watarai Asuka

Oh come on now, RNG. Well, them’s the breaks and we get a match like this. Stocking gets it, begrudgingly. Coincidentally, Asuka and Sakan finished virtually the same in the same group, and they will share the same fate here.


Senou Natsuru vs. Ritos Tortilla vs. Mikogami Riko

Ritos. Tortilla. Now I’m hungry. Another hard match to pick the winner correctly, but I’m going with Ritos, in spite of the lower finish compared to Natsuru, the former was in a tougher group and had slightly better numbers considering that.

Evangeline McDowell vs. Tachibana Isana vs. Satellizer El Bridget

All good things must come to an end. Eventually. So long, Eva’s streak. It’s been a memorable run.

Tatsuno Toshiko vs. Tsugiko Zenigata vs. Ootori Naru

Hah, a rematch between two characters unlucky enough to be in Group Three. Zenigata finished a few notches ahead of Naru in that one, but the former suffers from side character syndrome. She has the support of Milky Holmes to overcome that, and she’s gonna take down Naru again just like a G4.


Ika Musume vs. Lynette Bishop vs. Akiyama Mio

Remember when Mio was the favorite to win it all years ago? That seems like a distant past as we go into Block D’s main event. Mio might end up being used to take out the potentially-dangerous Ika Musume, so it’s gonna be a strategic fight. Ika is a fresh character that carries no baggage other than being a roadblock to Madoka’s master plan. She’s the obvious favorite to win this one, and there will be a lot of speculation if she gets upset here. It’s gonna be a fun match, and possibly the third best match of the opening round.

Fukiyose Seiri vs. Takanashi Nao vs. Elis

Ah, Nao’s numbers are gonna be inflated because of the accompanying match. She’s Ochinko’s ace, and like most aces do, they take out support characters. Raildex’s Fukiyose is no exception to that common trend.

Musujime Awaki vs. Kanzaki Kaori vs. Yuno

Okay, three Raildex charas in the same day boosts Fukiyose’s chances a bit (still not enough), but that definitely is irrelevant in a split match for Kaori and Awaki against perennial contender Yuno. There is gonna be a wiiiiiiiide margin for this one.

Block E


Uiharu Kazari vs. Sakura Akari vs. Mercelida Ygvar

Akari is best known for giving Haramura Nodoka fits last year. Don’t be surprised if she does the same to Uiharu. In fact, it’s likely that Uiharu might be sacrificed to boost Saten’s chances better against Sayaka in Round Two. I won’t be surprised if that happens, but Madoka will likely do the same and increase the chances of a split. It’s a chess match, and with a push like that, the basic tenets of Saimoe tell me that Uiharu ultimately wins this one.

Touwa Meme vs. Charlotte Dunois vs. Touwa Erio

Ah yes, one of the most anticipated matches in Saimoe Round One after Homura-Mikoto.

First and foremost, disregard the split. We have proven last year that it rarely works in high profile matches like this.

Moving on, we’l find out what both factions are made of in this match that might end up deciding Block E (!?). Erio ended up posting bigger numbers than Char. Char had the better percentage in votes as aided by a a weaker than group compared to Erio, who only lost to Mami by less than twenty. That’s saying a lot considering how Madoka Magica ended up tearing apart the preliminaries. As of this moment I’m gonna say that Erio is the favorite to win this one, and it would take an inspiring performance from IS to give Char a chance to win this. That’s my take on this matter for now. As usual, I’ll go in better depth on this match’s gameday.

Kondou Mayuka vs. Yukikaze Panettone vs. Msyu

It appears wind is blowing in Dog Days’ favor once again as the draw gifts Yukikaze a virtual freebie. But a closer look has me thinking that it’s gonna be a tight  match with Mayuka. I’m gonna give Yukikaze the benefit of the doubt here, however,


Mizushiro Kanon vs Saten Ruiko vs. Konjiki no Yami

Time for Saten to rack up a win. Yami’s numbers are skewed because lolgrouptwo, so Saten is still the obvious pick to win here. Once again, >TLR’s luck.

Minette vs. Mitsuki Sohara vs. Nino

Underwhelming match that gives Sohara win. Yay, free wins.

Makishima Saori vs. Hasegawa Hirano vs Keikain Yura

The battle for bus’ing priveleges in the expected Azusa-Ohana matchup. Obviously, Saori gets this.


Wakura Yuina vs. Kusano vs. Sayaka Miki

The rout is on. Puellamagiwinslol

Takahara Ayumi vs. Reki vs. Akiha Rumiho (Feyris)

Oh god, what a difficult match to predict. Ayumi is in Group Two, so once again the numbers are distorted. Reki’s group is slightly better, but she finished worse. Feyris was in Group Five and won her second prelims, so it’s tough to treat her as a lolsecondprelims character. I’m going with Ayumi. This is a support character battle but Ayumi generally has several upsides in her that ultimately gives her the edge. In cases like this I end up looking for the slightest of edges and Ayumi might have trump card in the form of “Taketatsu Ayana”. Yeah, really.

Tsuda Kotomi vs. Matsumae Ohana vs. Sawanatsu Kotone

The rout is really on now. HanaIro combo is just overkill.


Shimada Minami vs. Yuuki Kanade vs. Hirasawa Yui

Impending second round exit for Yui? That’s left for speculation for now, for the meantime, she will clearly take care of business here.

Hinata Ibuki vs. Nohotoke Honne vs. Sheryl Nome

Tougher than it looks, but faction superiority actually gives Pika-tan a better chance than Char to make it to the second round. lolrandomdraw.

Futaba Kon vs. Nakano Azusa vs. Haqua D’Rot Herminium

Any hopes of a Haqua upset is dashed because apparently the two K-On aces are on the same match day. Imagine if this actually happened last year. It is noteworthy that they also combined forces two years ago to aid each other in victories over Hina and Nagisa respectively in Block E semis.

Block F


Yuuki Mikan vs. Ryuubi (Touka) vs. Salsa Tortilla

As usual Mikan gives TLR most likely their lone win. Oh yeah, so much also for Mikan and Yami’s fates being intertwined.

Yuuno Arashiko vs. Hakase vs. Hirasawa Ui

Quite the interesting lineup we have here. It will likely end up Arashiko vs. Ui. The latter has Saimoe jinx going against her and I’m gonna follow superstitions and give Arashiko the win. She was in a stronger group anyway and she did fine in that slobberknocker of a group.

Yuuko vs. Kirishima Shouko vs. Shana

For the umpteenth time, BakaTest got screwed badly by the draws, and Shouko will give Shana her fifteenth win and one more closer to Nagi for second all-time, barring an upset of gigantic proportions.


Millhiore Biscotti vs. Kasuga Kusunoki vs. Nymph

It’s up there in the round’s most exciting matches. I have noted in my previous posts that Group One which Millhiore won was a group that had a lot of depth. Nymph finished third in a good group herself, so is this is going to be a standoff. Not to mention, both are aces. Nymph garnered more votes than Millhi, but the latter had a better percentage. I am leaning towards Millhi winning if I end up having to pick today. I guess this is the year of rookies after all, and that’s what Millhi is, an upstart for a group of underdogs.

Miria Mackenzie vs. Kongou Mitsuko vs. Miyafuji Yoshika

Yoshika takes one for the witches.

Asaka Hinata vs. Kondou Mikoto vs. Anjou Naruko

Hmm, a rare Jewelpet combo vote. Losses are more common though, as Anaru pushes through. Ick, I overlooked this one win for AnoHana so to fix my earlier remarks they’re gonna end up with actually three wins. Haw.


Noel Kannagi vs. Tomoe Mami vs. Nagatsuki Sanae

What’s with Puella Magi getting all these easy opening matches? (sans Homura obviously). Musket massacre in the making here.

Elizabeth Warren vs. Konori Mii vs. Shinonome Nano

Nichijou winning doesn’t happen everyday so I’m sure Nano will gladly take this one.

Hotogi Shirayuki vs. Oshimizu Nako vs. Subaru

Interesting match between two sleeper factions’ second strongest characters. Unfortunately for Shirayuki, Nako’s not your ordinary support character as she took down Tenshi as pointed out countless times. Nako clearly has the edge, but Shirayuki will at least make it interesting.


Hiro vs. Busujima Saeko vs. Momo Velia Deviluke

Hidamari again with one more W because of pairings like this one. The combo vote is just overkill Variance strikes again.

Nori vs. Shichijou Aria vs. Avril Bradley

Okay, I actually had to look at my notes this one and find out that it’s pretty much a push between  Avril and Nori. Hidamari has the tiebreaker though: combo!

Konomi Yuzuhara vs. Noa Hiiragi vs. Cecilia Alcott

All hail Britannia!

Block G


Rose vs. Isara Gunther vs. Eila Ilmatar Juutilanen

Eh, tough match. Can Eila stave off another KugiRie win, I wonder. Dragons over witches in this one, more likely than not.

Kudou Aiko vs. Hoshimiya Yashiro vs. Ayuzawa Misaki

It’s like I am actually in 2nd prelims!  Good for Misaki to get a win though.

Akechi Kokoro vs. Oikawa Tsurara vs. Elfleda Mirjasdottir

The heart and mind are in agreement with this one- Kokoro wins, easily.


Suehiro Anna vs. Tooyama Saku vs. Index

Of course Index will get her very first Saimoe win at the expense of two characters that I like. Just like Maria did in 2009 against Touka. It’s quite the bittersweet feeling.

Miho vs. Tsukiyama Komoe vs. Yui

Pink on pink, and man, Komoe has to be one of the more consistent Raildex characters in Saimoe. She just doesn’t lose in the first round, and she probably won’t lose here again. A new streak in the making? Index gets to combo this time against Angel Beats. Revenge for 2010, oh yes.

Ranka Lee vs. Morita Mayu vs. Toudou Tsumugi

I don’t have enough Korneheisers for this. Tsumugi wins in an EXCITING match. Note the obvious sarcasm.


Nakamura Yuri vs. Kousaka Kirino vs. Tsurugi Minko

Gotta feel bad for Yuri, as for the second year in a row she draws a tough opener. I don’t know if it will be a rout for Kirino though. Minchi’s good warm-up match for Kirino for sure.

Sakurai Rihoko vs. Marui Futaba vs. Naganohara Mio

Both were in great groups, and both had decent numbers, so Rihoko-Mio is as interesting match as you can have without having to superstar names. I think Rihoko wins due to sympathy votes after being shafted in her own arc. Cool thesis, amirite?

Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois vs. Charlotte Yeager vs. Yoshinoya

Again, what are the odds that the Charlottes advancing to Saimoe Round Two does not have the surname Dunois?


Yuuki Haruna vs. Morishima Haruka vs. Kuze Kiriha

Even without the split, Haruka’s gonna be styling on either of these unfortunate gals.

Nazuna vs. Aragaki Ayase vs. Sakura Kiyomi

Ayase cruise control, etc

Tainaka Ritsu vs. Sakura Kyouko vs. Sorami Kanata

For the first time, Ritsu will lose a round one match, which is my alternate way of saying Puellamagiwinslol.

Block H


Nakagawa Kanon vs. Ookami Ryouko vs. Nyaruko

A Prelim Group rematch in consecutive days. Ryouko gets the receving end of Kanon’s taser once again.

Marui Hitoha vs. Sangou Shizuku vs. Celty Sturluson

This situation is not warui for Hitoha at all. Okay. That was terrible. P1 vs P2ers yeah yeah yeah.

Tokugawa Sen vs. Yamanaka Sawako vs. Miyako

Good day sunshine!


Agnese Sanctis vs. Migiwa Kazuha vs. Fuyukawa Kurusu

So what are the odds of Agnese doing better than Mikoto before the draw was revealed? Just another day in Saimoe.

Lala Satalin Deviluke vs. Haruna vs. Amatsume Akira

At least Korezon’s aces won’t go out in the first round.

Harukaze Asuna vs. Shimada Hazuki vs. Shirai Kuroko

Raildex double team once again. At least that’s the benefit of fielding many characters, right?


Orsola Aquinas vs. Shinonono Houki vs. Sanada Yukimura

I’m running out of witty things to say so yeah, Houkiwinslol.

Ikaros vs. Shiina vs. Hiramatsu Taeko

Scratch what I said earlier. Looks like SoraOto is getting two wins minimum at the very least.

Sherlock Shellingford vs. Gokou Ruri vs. Nakatsugawa Ui

Quite a dangerous match for Kuroneko, especially with IS potentially getting involved in the upset. Kuroneko has enough to prevail, like superstars often do. If she can’t beat someone like Sherlock, then it means she won’t be beating any Puella Magi in the long run, anyway. Nonetheless, one of the top matches for the round.


Henriette Mystere vs. Aizawa Eiko vs. Kanzaki H. Aria

The draw, barring any changes has Aria primed for the long run, and an amusing match pitting Holmes against the Phantom Thief is the perfect way to start it.

Kan’u (Aisha) vs. Touhara Asuha vs. Yin

Asuha takes a rather easy one to continue the one-two punch with Astarotte.

Myoudouin Itsuki vs. Perrine H. Clostermann vs. Akagi Sena

H. seems to be the winning middle initial as Perrine is also favored to get a win of her own.


Whew, and that’s it for Round One. One thing I notice is that there might be a lack of gigantic first round upsets that we are used to these past two years (Mio-Kana 2009, Mafuyu-Hina 2010, etc). However, will this one turn out like 2008 (no first round upsets and minimal amount thereof overall, basically a Lucky Star steamrolling) or 2007 (also lacks notable opening round shockers, but made up for it in the later rounds). I sure hope this one turns out like 2007, which is regarded as one of the greatest Saimoes of all-time.

The closest of an upset that I can see provided that Mikoto doesn’t beat Homura, will be Sherlock over Kuroneko, We’ll find out soon enough. Maybe they are saving it for later.

I’m gonna conclude this piece with the top ten matches to look out for in the opening round.

  1. Homura-Mikoto
  2. Char-Erio
  3. Kuroneko-Sherlock
  4. Ika Musume-Mio
  5. Millhiore-Nymph
  6. Tenshi-Mugi
  7. Nako-Shirayuki
  8. Sora-Tsukasa
  9. Azusa-Haqua
  10. Riko-Tomonori-Hartmann

And yeah, before I go, this week’s poll (which you can also find in the sidebar soon). Last week’s result can be found here. Thanks for participating!

PS: Still can’t get enough? Then check out the thoughts of my fellow bloggers regarding the draw, Block A, etc.


7 thoughts on “Block Buster

  1. The Guy August 16, 2011 / 8:57 am

    I seriously thought Mikoto had won her match when I saw the header. Friggin gave me a heart attack, man!

  2. Kaosu August 16, 2011 / 11:04 am

    Me too >.> The pic for August 27th is wrong btw.

    • frustra August 16, 2011 / 11:17 am

      alright, it’s fixed now, thanks for pointing that out.

    • The Guy August 16, 2011 / 10:12 pm

      …And it turns out it she did. Huh.

  3. scineram August 16, 2011 / 11:28 am

    The 8/28 picture is wrong.

    • scineram August 16, 2011 / 11:30 am

      Forget it.

  4. TLDR Animu (@tldranimu) August 16, 2011 / 12:20 pm

    >Strike Witches
    IIRC Sanya got a bit more screen time and DAWWW scenes in the second series last summer, but I don’t think what happened in the anime really affects their overall popularity, it ends up being personal favorites. Me? Sanya.

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