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Hanasaku Iroha’s Matsumae Ohana opened her Saimoe campaign with a preliminary group victory as she withstood the late challenge of K-on’s Kotobuki Tsumugi in the fourth day of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011. Also advancing to the tournament are Last Order (To Aru Majutsu No Index), Mine Riko (Hidan no Aria), Run (A-Channel) and Nanasaki Ai (Amagami SS) among others.


1st – 334 votes – Matsumae Ohana @ Hanasaku Iroha
2nd – 301 votes – Kotobuki Tsumugi @ K-ON!!
3rd – 285 votes – Last Order @ To Aru Majutsu no Index II
4th – 263 votes – Mine Riko @ Hidan no Aria
5th – 259 votes – Run @ A Channel
6th – 212 votes – Nanasaki Ai @ Amagami SS
7th – 190 votes – Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Hide Yoshino) @ Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox
8th – 172 votes – Agnese Sanctis @ To Aru Majutsu no Index II
8th – 172 votes – Wakura Yuina @ Hanasaku Iroha
10th – 157 votes – Sendou Erika @ Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku
11th – 145 votes – Nazuna @ Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆ Tokubetsu-hen
12th – 141 votes – Ritos Tortilla @ Shukufuku no Campanella

frustra is unavailable so he’ll post his views sometime later.

Well, I didn’t see that coming. I was expecting Nanasaki Ai to mount a fight for top spot since Miya did well a few days ago, but it turned out to be another newcomer, Ohana, who went head-to-head with Mugi to eventually win the group. I guess Ai was lacking the imouto factor as compared to Miya, and it still remains to be seen whether the other Amagami girls would emerge as serious contenders.

Mugi’s 2nd place finish is pretty much an indicator that K-ON!! is still a major force to look out for, and Riko’s decent performance provides hope from Hidan no Aria fans, who can now look forward to the MC mounting a serious fight tomorrow. Another notable result was Shiina of Angel Beats finishing 18th, which is more bad news for Kanade and Yurippe who’s competing tomorrow.

The main highlight for Group 5 will be the battle between two detective namesakes, Sherlock of Milky Holmes and Aria Holmes of Hidan no Aria. It would be an interesting affair as both are the aces of their show, and it will be a good gauge on both of their strengths. Also in the mix are Ritsu (K-ON!!), Sora (Yosuga no Sora), Kyouko (Madoka), Himeji (Baka Test), Brioche (Dog Days) and Kotegawa Yui (To Love-Ru), so expect a lively matchup today. I’m predicting Sherlock to build on Kokoro’s victory in Group 2 and secure yet another victory for the MH contigent.

My prediction for Top 3: Sherlock, Kyouko, Aria

LOL frustra hijack.

Impressive. So 2ch, Lun and I were wrong with this one. It was a really tough group to predict, but the expected players showed up. From this result we can infer that:

  • Ohana is for real, and she’s probably good enough to take on the supporting casts of the higher-tier groups in Saimoe, as shown here. I didn’t expect Yuina to even make the cut
  • K-On is still stronger than Railgun, continuing from last year’s trend, and K-On charas seem like they’ve only lost half a step. A rookie winning for the first straight preliminary group even further cements the fact that we have a new world order in Saimoe. The hiatus of some of the hall-of-fame factions might also have something to do with that.

The rest of my thoughts can be summed up in today’s Saimoe Stock Market Watch:

BUY: Characters from Hanasaku Iroha, Ika-Musume, and Madoka Magica.

Oh look, even FALSE Ika Musume threatened to make the main draw right away. Same with Madoka Magica. These are definitely the factions to beat right now, especially the latter two.

HOLD: Characters from Infinite Stratos and Hidan no Aria and K-On.

I figured that Chifuyu would have made it if Infinite Stratos as a faction is dangerous. The seeds of doubt are planted for now. As for Hidan no Aria, I figured they did alright, but not enough to match up with the top half of the Saimoe hierarchy.

SELL: Characters from Amagami SS, Ookami-san, Angel Beats.

Ai am disappoint. Also Angel Beats really went FULL KEY as their decline was as fast as Clannad and Kanon. Sell hard. Also, lol Ookami-san, the unfortunate timing of their airing is really hurting them right now.

Amusingly, Dragon Kid almost made the cut. Yay Tiger and Bunny. I wonder how Blue Rose will do.. and in the end, I went 10-2 in predictions again (41-7 overall), 0-4 in who will win the group, totally underestimating Yuina and overestimating Nanasaki.

Time for a very interesting and competitive group. Calling who will make it directly will be really hard for this one.

Surprisingly, it all comes down to three names as to who will win this group, and therefore are locks for the main draw.

Guaranteed Slots:
Aria – ther show’s namesake, easily the ace of the bunch and has a winning pedigree behind her.
Sherlock Shellingford – co-ace of her series. We saw how Kokoro performed, and pretty much this should solidify that Milky Holmes is the real deal.
Sakura Kyouko – Madoka’s series mojo is scary and I am looking forward to see how she will stack up against the main guns of the other relevant Saimoe series

Secondary Locks (6)
Ritsu – One of the K-On five. Enough said.
Nakamura Yuri – even though Angel Beats is on a downward spiral
Kasugano Sora – another ace of her own show. How she will place among this stacked group piques my interest.
Himeji – Shouko made it,  so logically she’s also in.
Kotegawa Yui – Yami showed that there is still hope for TLR, and so I counted her in.
Kaoru – Ai may have disappointed, but Amagami is releveant enough to make it.

Barely in: (3)
Arashiko Yuuno – Mio made it, so she will also barely make it
Ryuushi – I rated Denpa Onna low tier in the season preview but i feel like changing my mind now.
Feyris  – Suzuha making it should be encouraging for these two, but one of them has to take one for the team.

Won’t make it (a lot of deserving ones!)
Ruka – will be that one.
Ayuzawa Misaki – did decent last year but the period of time since the show aired is a factor, and in this ultra-competitive group, that is the difference.
Brioche – not the strongest of Dog Days’ lineup so, not this time.
Sorami Konata – de geso is the new hotness.

The others unfortunate enough to be in this group, that would have had a real shot had they been in a fairer group are: Mio (Nichijou), Kagura, Asakura Nemu, Nino, Elis, Chouhi and Sengoku Otome’s Nobunaga.

Who will win the group? Sherlock. Please Saimoe Gods, let me get one finally right! Aria second, Kyouko third. I’ll be really concerned for the rest of the field if Kyouko wins this one. I’m 95% sure she won’t though.

Tomorrow, we sum up stuff again and preview another bloodbath.


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