More Housekeeping

In preparation for Saimoe 2011, I figured to address a few things regarding my plans for this blog which has been on and off for two years and running.

  • “New” IRC channel -> <- for the irc-savvy, this is the place to be to talk about Saimoe and stuff
  • We also have a new writer on-board. I’d like to welcome LuniazKun to the blog to provide complementary Saimoe coverage . He previously covered Saimoe 2009 and a part of Saimoe 2010, so he definitely has an idea on what he will be talking about.
  • I’m considering on changing the site layout/theme, and update/add some pages here and there. Suggestions, anyone?
  • Want to write about Saimoe/KBM/ISML too? PM me in IRC and let’s talk things over.
With that out of the way, time to put the finishing touches to that Saimoe preview post…

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