It’s that TIME of the Year Again! [Lun Edition]

Sup, this is my first post here, and so I would like to thank frustra for providing me the opportunity to post on this blog.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Saimoe since its inception in 2002 and it promises to be an event filled with rage and tears as it has always been for the past decade. While 2010 was all about returning veterans, 2011 promises to be a different ball-game altogether with many traditional powerhouses ineligible, paving the way for newcomers to stake their claim on the elusive Saimoe crown.

Let’s take a look at some prominent series that will be participating in this year’s edition of Saimoe.

Ore no Imouto
An anime on otakus catered to otakus? With a sidedish of wincest? Expect this series to be a force to be reckoned with. Kirino and Kuroneko will be the double terror from this series, and with both having contrasting natures, they complement each other very well. Still, Kirino would have the slight advantage due to her tsundere nature and preference which 2ch likes so much.
Power level: ★★★★★★★★★★

Infinite Stratos
Infinite Stratos was well-received by Japan, performing very well in terms of sales. Charlotte stole the hearts of many, and is emerging as one of the early favorites to win it all. However, being an early favorite means that Charlotte has a target behind her back, so her supporters have to be wary. Cecilia and Houki will be acting as support, and they will probably go far into the competition.
Power level: ★★★★★★★★★★

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
The show that took the anime world by storm recently, the Puella Magis will attempt to do the same in the Saimoe universe. Homura will lead the frontlines, with Mami (the early fav in the show) and Madoka (the late fav) set to deal some damage. Some may doubt their chances by pointing to the other SHAFT bestseller, Bakemonogatari, which did not fare to the heights that people expected in 2010. To be frank though, Bake had a more “matured” feeling to it, which meant that it was never meant to be Saimoe material in the first place. Madoka is a different story altogether.
Power level: ★★★★★★★★★

Returning again for the third year in a row, the K-ON!! fanbase is perhaps one of the strongest in recent years. Saimoe history would dictate that it would be difficult for a series to retain the crown, but it is not impossible. After all, the Nanoha franchise nearly did it in 2006. If Azusa was the focus in 2010, then yuri shipping would mean that it’s Yui chance to go one better than she did in 2009. Expect plenty of activity still.
Power level: ★★★★★★★★★

Raildex are one of the major factions in Saimoe as of late, showing improvement in 2010 but sadly, falling short to other major factions when it really counts. However, with traditional powerhouses out of the way and K-ON!! having already won last year, this could be the golden chance for Raildex to seize the crown at last. BiriBiri will be the main contender as usual, with Saten hoping to go even further than the Top 8 position she achieved last year.
Power level: ★★★★★★★★

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?
It’s been a while since DEEN churned out some decent Saimoe contenders, and there’s pretty much a variety to choose from here: a stoic Eu, a tsundere, pettanko Haruna, the big-boobed Sera and the cute, waifu material Tomonori. They’ll probably do well to last a few rounds.
Power level: ★★★★★★★

With Hinagiku unable to take part, Shana will be the sole running gag for this year, so the standard question is “WILL SHE FINALLY WIN IT?” I think you already know the answer, so I’ll remain silent.
Power level: ★★★★★★

Angel Beats
This series failed to live up to its hype in Saimoe 2010, and it’ll probably be hard for them to compete again this year. However, Tenshi could emerge as a contender once again as there will be less strategic voting against this franchise this time round.
Power level: ★★★★

Milky Holmes
Milky Holmes is a strange one, because no one expected it to be popular in the first place. I am still a bit skeptical about their chances, but I’d wager that Sherlock and Kokoro will do better than the rest (provided they aren’t pitted against top-tier opponents).
Power level: ★★★★★★

Ika Musume
The lovable squid has always been adored in Japan, with fanarts of her aplenty before the series even aired. However, a downside will be due to the fact that Ika is pretty much the only character who poses a threat from her own series, thus not getting much aid from her fellow supporting characters. A dark horse for now.
Power level: ★★★★★★

Yumekui Merry
J.C Staff may be in a rot with the quality of the shows they have produced recently, but there’s no doubt that they produce good Saimoe competitors every year. Yumekui Merry actually sold quite decently (even better than KoreZom) and there is support for Merry so she’ll be kicking some ass for a while. Isana will be the other contender emerging from this show.
Power level: ★★★★★

Hidamari Sketch
Age is catching up with the girls from Hidamari Sketch, but they are still capable of a win or two. Just don’t expect them to perform as well as they have done over the past few years.
Power level: ★★★★★

Dog Days
Many cute and cool girls to choose from, but sadly the show itself was not well-received by Japan. However, it still makes for good Saimoe material, so expect the likes of Milhiorre, Leon and Eclair to fare decently.
Power level: ★★★★★

Kami Nomi
Kami Nomi has a variety of interesting characters, but sadly, the manga is still preferred to the anime instead. However, that won’t stop the characters from making some progress. Elsie, Haqua and Kanon would probably be the frontrunners.
Power level: ★★★★

Sora No Otoshimono
The angeloids did better than expected in 2010, but do not expect any improvements this year as they’ll face tough competition from the new faces.
Power level: ★★★★

To Love-Ru
This popular ecchi series has churned out some lovable characters, but like SnO, the emergence of new faces would make things difficult. Still, watch out for Mikan, Yui and Konjiki no Yami.
Power level: ★★

Baka Test
The second season is ongoing right now, so it could be a boost to the Baka Test franchise. But the show hasn’t been that of a hit in Japan, having attracted criticism from being a bit too repetitive with the jokes at times. I don’t really expect Himeji, Minami and Shouko to go that far.
Power level: ★★

Strike Witches
Strike Witches would probably be doing well in Saimoe if it had not aired in the Summer season, but sadly the second season did, too. Have the witches been forgetten already, or could the hype from the upcoming movie provide a glimmer of hope for them? We’ll see.
Power level: ★★

Gosick, Yosuga no Sora, Denpa Onna
One prominent girl, lack of support from characters from their own series. I separated Ika from this category due of her superior pre-hype and better sales.
Power level: ★★

Amagami SS, Steins;Gate, AnoHana, Hanasaku Iroha
As much as the characters in these shows are lovable, they are probably not destined to go far in the Saimoe arena. However, do expect Haruka and Ai, Kurisu and Mayuri, Anaru and Menma, and Ohana to be the better performers amongst their counterparts.
Power level: ★★

Hidan No Aria
Another J.C Staff show, but one that performed more poorly than Merry in terms of sale. Still, expect the KugiRie fans to rally behind Aria.
Power level: ★★

To conclude, I would say that this is just a rough opinion on the strengths of the various series, so don’t take it too seriously. We’ll get a clearer picture once the prelims are done and over with, so for now, let’s sit back and welcome the start of yet another year of Saimoe! YEAHHHHHHHH!


2 thoughts on “It’s that TIME of the Year Again! [Lun Edition]

  1. math4origami August 5, 2011 / 6:28 am

    Steins;Gate, AnoHana, Hanasaku Iroha need to be given about 5 more stars each.

    • LuniazKun August 5, 2011 / 9:19 am

      Yeah, I certainly underestimated those series, while overestimating some others (Korezom, IS), though giving those three series five more stars each is a bit debatable. In any case, this was done before the prelims, so we’ll be revising our rankings within the next few days.

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