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After the heated Aquamarine Necklace match where Tachibana Kanade almost stole the necklace with an SDO handicap, there was no such mistake in Topaz. With an overwhelming SDO lead, Tenshi captured the Topaz Necklace by receiving 28.53% of the votes for a Necklace Score of 29.11, more than triple the score of second place Nakazo Azusa. Based on the match only, the current power rankings is Nakano Azusa > Shana > Nagato Yuki. Aside from Kanade, the other newcomers, Eucliwood and Kuroneko, will probably not be a major factor this year.


Here are the necklace results, the second column is the percentage of votes in the match the contestant received and the third column is her period SDO. The fourth column is the necklace score, which is second column times the third column, and that determines who gets the necklace.

Tachibana Kanade 28.53% 102 29.11
Nakano Azusa 15.37% 63 9.69
Shana 13.25% 51 6.76
Nagato Yuki 12.74% 66 8.41
Eucliwood Hellscythe 8.82% 60 5.29
Aisaka Taiga 9.87% 45 4.44
Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko) 11.42% 42 4.79

There seems to be some conspiracy theory here, I think. Kanade mysteriously got low SDO in Aquamarine and ended up losing to Mikoto in a match that she won but lost the necklace, which got her a lot of sympathy. In Topaz, she gets a runway win. Since this year’s rules prevents a contestant from winning multiple necklaces, this effectively takes Kanade out of the necklace running for the rest of the year so she doesn’t “get in anybody’s way” so to speak. It just seems a bit weird, all of these events gearing up to Kanade having a post-season where she didn’t gather up hate votes along the way, unlike Shana of previous years having won many necklaces, putting a target on her back.

Ibuki Fūko 28.85%
Tōyoko Momoko 5.95%
Saigyōji Yuyuko 17.67%
Hachikuji Mayoi 12.19%
Aisaka Sayo 7.61%
Arashiyama Sayoko 2.39%
Izumi Kanata 25.33%

Here’s our ghost-themed group, where Fuu-chan has a win. Kanata got amazingly a lot of votes for a character who appeared in one episode. Momoko’s results basically solidifies Saki’s hate in ISML, and Yuyuko got a lot of votes since Touhou used to receive a lot of hate also.

Kanzaki Urumi 5.44%
Maehara Shinobu 18.59%
Hoshino Ruri 21.98%
Daidōji Tomoyo 28.49%
Katsuragi Misato 15.30%
Takaya Noriko 1.29%
Miyazawa Yukino 8.90%

It’s somewhat hard to notice the theme for this group, and I think it’s anime that began airing before 2001. Tomoyo’s win is no surprise here, but I must say that Ruri beating Shinobu and Misato is a bit surprising. I’m not sure if people voted on avatars, but I thought Love Hina and Evangelion would be more popular.

Arurū 18.17%
Higurashi Kagome 17.12%
Honda Tōru 9.58%
Belldandy 14.38%
Alicia Florence 7.71%
Kasuga Ayumu (Osaka) 12.01%
Shirakawa Kotori 21.04%

So this must be the 2001-2006 group. It’s pretty funny, because there’s a group with the exactly the same team in Aquamarine and Eruruu got fifth. I guess someone didn’t divide up the group strengths evenly because Aruruu got second. Kotori’s win here is also not very surprising, although it’s pretty notable that ISML voters hate ARIA, or apparently anything without a plot and a tsundere.

Chii 18.14%
Narusegawa Naru 10.30%
Enma Ai 11.91%
Kinomoto Sakura 20.53%
Kamio Misuzu 14.24%
Lucy 13.28%
Yagami Hikari 11.59%

And finally, this group contains all the exhibition winners in Topaz. Sakura’s win is no surprise here, although I thought it would be more. The first and second place are both CLAMP characters too… Naru’s bad performance after receiving 4000 votes in her Aquamarine group is surprising. In fact, she finished last after placing first just a period ago? That’s weird.


With Mikoto and Kanade out of the running for necklace, it will be interesting to see what happens next. So far, no one is really a true contender to beat Tenshik, so unless we want a very predictable post-season, someone will have to step up soon.

This is Shana’s year?!?

International Saimoe League

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