Sixteen More

Sixteen more characters have gained entrance to the International Saimoe League 2011’s regular season, which the rest will have to enter the final phase of preliminaries, the unpredictable group matches. Hirasawa Ui and Kotobuki Tsumugi got denied yet again, but it is likely they will make it in Phase III. Among the new entrants in Phase II are Senjougahara Hitagi and Sengoku Nadeko, the strong Bakemonogatari pair from last year, and three Infinite Stratos characters, further representing the surging winter season characters.


Phase II is split into 4 matches, where 8 characters are split into 16 groups, and within each group is an elimination-style competition. In the end, on the fourth match, a winner will emerge in each group and those 16 contestants will advance to the regular season. The losers are not quite out yet, though. There is still Phase III to go through, but that will only take 3 more days.

Match II-1 Comments:

-Fuuko > Chizuru (3733-3513): We knew Clannad is falling this year, but this is almost down to Seitokai’s level, which is pretty bad. Tomoyo and Kyou may not make Top 16 at this rate.
-Last Order got huge amounts of votes against Tsurara. Finishing second in the same group with Mikoto was impressive, but Misaka 20001 will not stop.
-Yuri keeps on rolling, even if it’s against Nanako

Match II-2 Comments:

-Wow, Rose beat by Rika? Lots of people must have dropped Dragon Crisis. I almost did.
-Yui and Tsumugi got the highest VF this round, so K-ON is stil going strong.
-Tsukasa didn’t beat Minori by much, so I’m worried if our Phase I winners Konata and Kagami will do well in regular season.

Match II-3 Comments:

-Last Order. She was impressive in Phase I, getting 2nd place despite being in Mikoto’s group. She comes out blazing this time too getting the 3rd highest VF.
-Charlotte and Yuri are looking really good once again.
-Seraphim beat Fate. Zombie is incredibly strong so that may not say Fate is weak…yet.
-Mafuyu, probably one of the top if not top Seitokai characters, barely beats Shiina, who didn’t even have an arc in Angel Beats. Amazing.

Match II-4 Comments:

Tōsaka Rin: 3797
Elucia de Lute Irma: 3653

This actually isn’t bad for Elsie. Rin may not be as strong this year as last, but she’s still very strong, and this result almost guarantees Elsie’s entrance in Phase III. Remember that the winners of this match enters regular season.

Last Order: 4246
Iwasawa Asami: 3488

No surprises here. Even though Iwasawa showed off some fireworks in Phase I, she can’t defeat Last Order, who’s been on fire.

Shinonono Hōki: 3592
Ikaros: 3558

Ikaros looked very strong in Phase I, but I think the recent episodes centered on Houki gave her the boost. If this match happened 2 weeks ago, Ikaros would probably take it.

Charlotte Dunois: 4554
Aragaki Ayase: 2888

France cannot be stopped, etc…

Nymph: 3792
Ika-Musume: 3305

This match was a shocker to many but expected nonetheless. Nymph along with Ikaros has been strong, and Ika-chan has shown in Phase I that she won’t conquer anything in ISML. Or I don’t know, perhaps the fact that they both have blue hair may have skewed the match.

Huang Lingyin: 3699
Sakurano Kurimu: 3468

Fang-tan didn’t win by much here. Although Seitokai hasn’t dropped in popularity as drastically as Clannad and others, you can’t say China’s win is very impressive at all. I predict she will struggle unless IS begins showing her having some kind of role.

Kasugano Sora: 3836
Hirasawa Ui: 3790

Now this was surprising. Ui was expected to win this but she couldn’t, which says two things. First, Sora really is every otaku’s dream, now confirmed. Second, K-ON! is like Shana. Its “fans” only care about one or few major characters and the rest (Hecate, Tsumugi, etc…) are left in the dust.

Nakamura Yuri: 4624
Konjiki no Yami: 2978

Once again Yuri shows her superiority.

Hirasawa Yui: 4370
Index L. Prohibitorum: 3378

I don’t know, I actually expected this match to have the same numbers as Yuri vs. Yami, so this means Index is a bit stronger than I thought. Maybe.

Asahina Mikuru: 3937
Kotobuki Tsumugi: 3631

Some say that Mikuru took away Yui’s votes, making Yui lose to Victorique in Phase I. Well, Mikuru ruins the advance of yet another K-ON! character this round. This one, I think I expected Tsumugi to pull out a win.

Sakagami Tomoyo: 4069
Sanzen’in Nagi: 3419

Hinagiku did well in Phase I. She didn’t do spectacularly, but she did well without signs of weakening. But Nagi doing so badly will have be questining Hinaginku’s power in regular season.

Saber: 3972
C.C.: 3309

Saber is no weakling. This close match also guarantees C.C. will make it through Phase III, much to my divine discontent.

Fujibayashi Kyō: 3819
Holo: 3655

This match may not be a fair one since it probably has some overlapping of fanbases. But nevertheless, we now have another Clannad character into regular season. How well Tomoyo and Kyou will do, however, will be a different story. Holo will get through in Phase III.

Furukawa Nagisa: 3783
Seraphim: 3733

After knocking out Fate, Seraphim losses brilliantly to Nagisa. Last year, I would never have thought Nagisa would beat Fate, so I think Fate just got really unlucky and would have probably beaten Nagisa if she didn’t lose to Seraphim.

Senjōgahara Hitagi: 4242
Louise Vallière: 3201

The results of this match isn’t exactly surprising, but that is surprising is why Louise is here. She probably has more hate than any Kugyuu character, and yet…

Sengoku Nadeko: 4147
Shiina Mafuyu: 3143

And finally this proves that Seitokai will be in the bottom half of this year’s regular season. This further foreshadows Lingyin’s doom.


So the next phase (which, in fact, is happening right now since I got lazy with blogging) involves group matches (pools). We’ll go into the specifics in later posts, but in summary, 32 characters have already made it to regular season, and now Phase III will decide the final 18. Thanks for reading!

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