Hayate no Gotoku’s Sanzen’in Nagi became the first character ever to advance to Anime Saimoe Tournament finals twice in her career after she dismantled Saki’s Amae Koromo by more than 300 votes in the Saimoe 2010’s Semifinal match. The match continued Nagi’s series of romps ever since the Elimination Rounds started as she has won all her matches by a margin of more than 100 votes each.

In Saimoe’s penultimate match, Nakano Azusa (K-On!) and Haramura Nodoka (Saki) will battle for a chance to win the Saimoe championship against Nagi.


Semifinal 1
1st 1228 votes | Sanzen’in Nagi @ Hayate no Gotoku!!
2nd 923 votes | Amae Koromo @ Saki

Well, shit.

>predict Koromo
>Koromo loses.

BRB, getting a new occupation. If holic and TRE can get it right, and I can’t, I might as well GTFO.

>mfw my Ika is no Paul ;_;

Anyway, jokes aside, wow, even if I predicted Nagi to win, I never imagined it to be this much of a beatdown. Poor Koromoe, she gt played on, just like child. Anyway, grats to Nagi, who I went on record to say that she’s one of my good ends. But uh, Koromoe ;_;

With the win Nagi’s solidified herself as one of the best ever even more – the first ever to reach Saimoe finals twice – and just two wins away fron Nanoha’s record in all-time career Saimoe wins. With a championship, Nagi might go down well as the greatest ever in Saimoe.

The win is possibly an anti-climactic conclusion to the Hayate-Saki rivalry of two years, granted that Azusa beats Nodoka.

So speaking of that match, here’s my quick humble take on it:

I think Azusa will win in a hotly-contested fight. Perhaps, this would even be tougher match than Mikoto. Given Nodoka’s track record, Azusa will have her hands full here. But somehow I still think Azusa is poised to win it all here. Well, at the very least I hope she doesn’t choke here against Nodoka, the sole remaining thorn for me having an acceptable Saimoe ending.  Nodoka has on her side godly rush capabilities, though it was not enough to save Koromo against Nagi. Existing foreign votes  might also be in favor of Azusa. And it cannot be denied that with no Taiga to stop her this time, Azusa could go all the way, and given her much more developed character in K-On season 2, it isn’t farfetched at all. So Azusa to get this, and…

I really must get a new occupation if Azusa goes on to lose versus Nodoka…

P.S. I still love Ika ;_;

1位 1228票 三千院ナギ@ハヤテのごとく!!
2位 923票 天江衣@咲-Saki-

5 thoughts on “Demonbane

  1. HTC October 13, 2010 / 2:34 pm

    Very nice. I hope Nagi takes it all. RIEPEAT!

  2. Wolfnagi October 13, 2010 / 4:31 pm

    YES!!!!! Hoping Azusa winning today’s match…..
    Then we see another K-ON vs Kugyu match xD (and hoping it be like last year xD)

  3. mio_loves_ritsu October 13, 2010 / 4:54 pm


  4. ._. October 13, 2010 / 9:56 pm

    Nodoppai ~

  5. o_o October 14, 2010 / 7:21 am

    If only the match wasn’t rigged zzz then we’d have a real competition for the 1st semi

    34 : ◆Q6/McbAh1A :2010/10/13(水) 23:27:36 ID:tmaS68et

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