Saki’s Haramura Nodoka became the first character in Anime Saimoe Tournament history to register consecutive Semifinals appearances after she completed an amazing victory over Shana in the penultimate match of this year’s Quarterfinals. Nodoka trailed entering the wee moments of the match until she unleashed a torrent of votes to overtake the Flame Haze and seal the match. With Nodoka’s win, this also marks the second straight year that Saki has two representatives going into the Semifinals.

Nodoka will wait for the winner of the round’s final match between K-On!’s Nakano Azusa and Working!!’s Yamada Aoi.


Quarterfinal 3
1st 946 votes | Haramura Nodoka @ Saki
2nd 890 votes | Shana @ Shakugan no Shana S

Well, 2ch continues to surprise me. Actually got Nodoka right, but meh, I don’t really care. Gotta feel sorry for the Shana fans whose hopes were dashed again by the Kugimiya Rie slayer. But that’s the way it is. On a Saimoe spectator perspective, gotta give it to Nodoka, that was an amazing final salvo to seal the comeback victory. So with this win, Nodoka becomes the first character ever to record back-to-back semifinals appearances in Saimoe. Certainly a tough feat, but I say well deserved because she’s been doing it the hard way since the opening round. Interestingly this is only the second fake vote reversal match after the Mafuyu-Hitagi one. Shana had 150 more fake votes than Nodoka after the dust has settled.

The only hindrance left for a more than satisfactory Saimoe year for me is Nodoka. 75% chance, I like the odds, bu I’m wary. Nodoka’s looking like someone who can definitely win it all. I hope my three remaining picks will be up to the task.

"Rhythm and Blues"

With regard to the Yamada/Azusa, since this entry is waaaay later than the usual, there’s no use predicting this. If I could have, obviously I would have predicted Azusa because it’s just foolish to bet against her in this stage. After registering 1000+ votes despite the split with Mio, there’s no doubt she’s the spot-on favorite to win it all. So I curse thee random god for pairing her against the lone banner girl remaining in the tournament for me: Yamada Aoi. As much as she surprised anyone with that marvelous win over Tachibana Kanade, this year’s Azunyan is on a different level. With no Taiga to stop her, and with much character development and many more moe-ments for her in K-On’s second season, she’s looking unstoppable.

Despite all that, putting my support on Yamada, gotta love that cheerful mood she brought to Working!!. Also, Hirohashi Ryou. And Zettai Ryouki. It’s hard to describe, but she really was just a fun character. Too bad she’s gonna get Azu’d, but it’s all good because I have warmed up to Azusa since the second season began. Man, KyoAni knows the science to moe, and undeniably Azusa is just too fucking cute. And I’m not even a fan of nekomimi and all that jazz.

And there you have it, short entry only today because I ran really late today. Won’t happen again, I just felt kinda lazy and had more pressing matters to deal with.


6 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. mio_loves_ritsu October 10, 2010 / 2:18 pm

    0MG! i know i don’t care about any rie-VA-ed characters, but this is actually unexpected.. i thought shana would win against nodoka..but oh well, that’s saki for you :3

  2. mio_loves_ritsu October 10, 2010 / 2:22 pm

    GO AZU-NYAN!!! X33

  3. ugh October 10, 2010 / 3:04 pm

    ugh, assuming yamada loses, which is a given, there are no good ends left in the tournament… god why do people like saki??

  4. HTC October 10, 2010 / 3:15 pm

    This is a sad day. 😦

  5. ._. October 11, 2010 / 12:58 am

    lol yeah~

  6. Burial Service October 11, 2010 / 3:07 am

    Well, this’s truly unexpected 😦

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