Credits Roll

No, I still got nothing yet, and with Saimoe finally over, I can finally take it slow on the wrap-ups and stuff. I can’t delay the props and thank yous, though.

Saimoe 2010 Credits Roll

props to:

chaosprophet – translations and stuff
saimoe anon – posters and all that jazz
ando – tracker
overfunk – headlines suggestions and stuff
Seishi – synchroom updates
Komari – thread starter
Rika-chama – miscellaneous names translation
AyaReiko – bracket
Micchi, Delta,  Kotarou and other Saimoe bloggers – Saimoe coverage and other good reads
2ch  – for hosting this crazy contest

and to fellow AS members who participated in the discussions, conspiracy theories, cardboards, rage, tears, joy, glory, etc

Lastly, readers of this blog, and commenters. it’s just great to share the fun.

And since I am taking it slow, I only have this for now, since I don’t want to slowpoke on this one too:

Archive of the stuff i’ve worked on for this year. – ttp://

Time to slide out again and catch up with some animu.