Split Second

Haramura Nodoka overcame a series split vote with Kataoka Yuuki to defeat Hayate no Gotoku!’s Maria in the Block Finals of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Nodoka’s victory marks the second time the Saki ace returned to the Quarterfinals, after managing a Semifinal finish the previous year.

The next Block Final match is the decider for D, featuring Hanamaru Youchien’s Yamamoto Nanako, Seitokai no Ichizon’s Sakurano Kurimu, and former Quarterfinalist Amae Koromo, also from Saki.


Block C Final
1st 866 votes | Haramura Nodoka @ Saki
2nd 624 votes | Maria @ Hayate no Gotoku!!
3rd 133 votes | Kataoka Yuuki @ Saki

When things couldn’t get any worse, Nodoka managed to win. Despite the split. If I’m going to look at it objectively, I got to say Saki is really really strong. I underestimated them yet again, and Nodoka proves once and for all that she’s the ace. When you destroy someone like Maria despite the split, that means you’re really good. So yeah, it really was disappointing, but that’s how 2ch works and how surprising Saimoe always is.

So uh, interesting tidbit, the winner of the first three Block Finals have been to the quarterfinals before. Maria also continues to be the lovable loser. And in the end Nodoka looks to be dangerous. No Taiga to beat her this time. Maybe leave it to Shana or Nagi? We’ll see.

So match preview time. This looks like the easiest one out of the four so far to predict. Why, here are the numbers:

Koromo survived Nozomi earlier and combo’d her way into a rout of powerhouse Railgun’s Kuroko. She has the best stats out of the three.

Kurimu has been underwhelming in all aspects so I’m not really counting on her to do much this time. Almost got Misaki’d in the first round, although she hasn’t been threatened since, considering Saki and Wilhelmina aren’t threats at all.

As for Nanako, I’ve been underestimating here, but looks like she has an ample amount of strength. Great win over Hiro. I doubt she’ll be able to continue that against a prime contender like Koromo.

Verdict: Koromo to win. Considering how Saki looked good as Saimoe goes deeper, I can’t really doubt her. Initially I was thinking of Kurimu upset, but I guess not anymore. As for my pick. definitely Koromo. I’m not kidding.


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