Monster Hunter

Sanzen’in Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku clinched her second quarterfinal return in the Saimoe stage after a riveting win in the Block Finals of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Nagi’s 14th all-time win came at the expense of Bakemonogatari’s Sengoku Nadeko and Hidamari Sketch’s Yuno. The win also put Nagi in second place at Saimoe the all-time wins department, trailing only Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha’s Takamachi Nanoha.

The next Block Final match will feature three of the most successful Saimoe competitors going for history as Takamachi Nanoha, Shana and Saginomiya Isumi aim for a return to the Top Eight.


Block A Final
1st 960 votes | Sanzen’in Nagi @ Hayate no Gotoku!!
2nd 799 votes | Sengoku Nadeko @ Bakemonogatari
3rd 157 votes | Yuno @ Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆

Back to traditional newspaper header after yesterday’s combo breaker.

Well, shit just got real. Nadeko after that impressive win against Yui couldn’t duplicate the same feat against another accomplished Saimoe competitor. Looks like it was just all according to plan for Hayate, as Nagi takes down the Nadeko in historic fashion. Not because of the rout (expected it to be close), but because Nagi now in solo second place in all-time Saimoe wins. I actually thought Nadeko is gonna win this one impressively, but this is Saimoe it makes no sense. That’s why we love it (quoting Micchim lol). Anyway despite Yuno getting the really short end of the stick, I’m really really happy because Nagi won (Top Ten to Twenty chara in moelist). It got even better because I had no expectation at all for a good outcome, but sometimes, things like this happen. And when they do, it feels really good, lol. The “glory” part in Saimoe I guess.

And after that heartstopper of a match, we get another one here: a guaranteed classic – Nanoha vs Shana (with Isumi lost in the shuffle). First all-time versus third all-time. But the last time they met Shana won. Maybe Nanoha’s loli version is much stronger

Still, I’m predicting Shana. I just feel she had better numbers and Nanoha has the burden of being a former champion. Ultimately though, this is a coinflip so I’m just going with my instincts. Of course supporting Nanoha, but I felt that her numbers weren’t as good as they should be, but still they were better than initially expected. I don’t know, one thing’s for sure, it’s going down the wire. So much at stake, it’s gonna be something to remember, as expected of a Block Final. Let’s do this.


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