Saimoe Block Finals Preview: Block A

So uh, i don’t feel like making a Power Ranking article right now, because somewhat, everytime i peg somebody as number one (K-On!, Hayate), they end up sucking thereafter. Must be the new SI jinx or something. Oh well. Just gonna make a straightforward preview for today’s match.

But before that, I’m still pretty stumped on what headline to make considering the absence of the usual Power Ranking headline (and because not enough time to make it quickly), so here’s the match poster for now, inspired by you-know-what. (that font used in “Saimoe” looks eerily familiar, right?)

Uh so enough with the preliminaries and straight to the preview: Nagi vs. Nadeko, it all boils down to this. Yuno is the non-factor in this match (sadly) unless she can replicate the numbers that Miyako posted against Mikoto in that Round Two classic. Yeah I doubt that will happen.

So Nagi vs Nadeko. What’s in it for Nagi? The rare feat of returning to the quarterfinals. Only a select few have managed that feat, and she has a legit shot of achieving it. But Nadeko stands in the way and considering that she managed to knock off the 2009 finalist, Yui, I see her as the favorite whether or not strategy is involved.

I don’t think there’s much doubt that Nadeko is Bakemonogatari’s ace. Safe to say also is Hitagi is second. Using what we have learned from the Preliminaries, Nagi defeated Hitagi. Barely. With the Hayate combo and all. Logically, Nadeko should win this. Disclaimer: Siamoe defies logic. Well, sometimes. The only way I can see Nagi here is that revenge votes come in droves from Yui. I doubt that to come too. Another perspective to consider is that maybe it was Nagi’s plan all along to push for Nadeko. Well, I’m also skeptical about that.

So in the end, I’m going to predict Sengoku Nadeko to advance. As for my picks, it’s quite a rare occasion that I don’t really mind who wins this, although my preference would have to be Yuno>Nagi>Nadeko. I genuinely wish for Hidamari to at least top eight once, and looks like it will have to wait for a year. But in Saimoe, it’s a general rule of thumb that the fresher face will most likely win, and out of the three, Nadeko has this. And backed with a surging Hanazawa Kana, there’s not much doubt in my mind that she will win this. It’s gonna be very interesting though, and in all likeliness end up in a thriller.

Let’s see how it ends up.

P.S. if you don’t already know: the poster design is StarCraft-inspired. yeah. I. LONG. FOR. COMBAT!


3 thoughts on “Saimoe Block Finals Preview: Block A

  1. Delta September 27, 2010 / 3:58 pm

    Sick design man, well played!

    Nagi has a shot I think, it’s a narrow one, but it’ll depend on just how many people are really behind Nadeko and what they want to do with this match, ie take out Nagi also.

  2. fyrebrick September 27, 2010 / 6:05 pm

    I think Nagi can pull this off because in preliminaries you can vote for multiple characters so the numbers in preliminaries are skewed a bit

    Awesome graphic by the way

  3. frustra September 28, 2010 / 4:32 pm

    thanks guys.

    also, are you guys wizards? getting it right with Nagi, good job with that.

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