Double Kill

Nakano Azusa finally put K-On! on a winning note with a spectacular victory over Saki’s Touyoko Momoko and Working!!’s Taneshima Poplar in the highly-anticipated matchup among three major factions to advance to the Block Finals of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Azusa’s win over the last year’s Best Sixteen contender marked the first victory for the series in the Second Round after four unsuccessful attempts.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!’s Serizawa Fumino also progressed into the Block Finals after bringing down Shugo Chara!’s Hinamori Amu and Meitantei Conan’s Haibara Ai.


Block G22
1st 653 votes | Nakano Azusa @ K-ON!!
2nd 463 votes | Touyoko Momoko @ Saki
3rd 261 votes | Taneshima Poplar @ Working!!

Block H23
1st 518 votes | Serizawa Fumino @ Mayoi Neko Overrun!
2nd 328 votes | Hinamori Amu @ Shugo Chara! series
3rd 272 votes | Haibara Ai @ Meitantei Conan

AZUSA STRONG. Oh well, surprised that the match I anticipated the most ended up into a blowout. And Poplar getting last is kinda disappoint. But I guess it can’t be helped. I’ve slowly warmed up to Azusa, so yeah Poplar bowing out against the former is not a bad way to go out at all. For the other match, uh, sucks Amu lost (I thought she was the superior Kanae Itou role). Not that her winning will help her against Saten or Fate/Mikan thereafter. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Well, today is the crucial day. Nice finishing touch for a rather entertaining round, with so much at stake. Here we go.

All comes down to Mio vs. Kobato, with an interesting dimension to it that really puts Mio on advantage to win the battle, but ultimately lose the war for K-On. Kobato by herself is not enough to take down Mio’s raw strength, but she might get an assist from opportunistic Azusa supporters that do not want to see a K-On split when she takes on Mikoto in the Block Finals.

With this in mind, while Kobato will be getting a hand from Azusa fans and Hanazawa Kana fans (together with Mikan), Mio will be getting support from the Biribiri fans to ensure her an edge (again, the K-On split). So yeah, this match is filled with interesting dimensions. It all boils down to how well K-On can coordinate today and the impending Azusa-Mio-Mikoto battle. Yeah, I don’t think Kobato will have enough to conjure an upset and ultimately she will fall short against Mio (just like Mugi/Miyako did against Saten/Mikoto). :<

Railgun also has an interest in this fight. They obviously want Mikan to win since they’ll rather see Saten go against her, than Fate. So that will augment Mikan’s strength, but will that be enough. While I’m supporting her, the realist in me believes that it won’t be enough. While it is true that Fate had her share of Saimoe misfortunes, she still has a lot of wins under her belt and the distinction of belonging to one of the strongest factions of all time. I’m not counting on Mikan on pulling off the unthinkable, but at least I’m hoping for an interesting match.

Also, corrected an error in the previous headline image – here’s the fixed one now. Sorry about that.

And I’m done for the day. Block Finals, next. Oh boy.


One thought on “Double Kill

  1. fyrebrick September 25, 2010 / 10:16 pm

    I wouldn’t exactly say it was a blowout

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