Scissors Beats Rock

Bakemonogatari’s Senjougahara Hitagi advanced to the Block Finals of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010 by ousting K-On!’s Tainaka Ritsu and Sora no Manimani’s Akeno Mihoshi. This marked the second time that a representative from Bakemonogatari has beaten a K-On! character after last week’s huge win by Sengoku Nadeko over 2009 finalist Hirasawa Yui. The win also kept K-On! scoreless in the Second Round after pacing the First Round with six wins.

In the other match, Yamada Aoi from Working!! notched her second consecutive dominating win. Falling victims to Yamada’s rout were Heatcatch Precure’s Kurumi Erika and Iwasawa from Angel Beats!.


Block E22
1st 458 votes | Yamada Aoi @ Working!!
2nd 197 votes | Kurumi Erika (Cure Marine) @ HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
3rd 161 votes | Iwasawa @ Angel Beats!

Block F23
1st 487 votes | Senjougahara Hitagi @ Bakemonogatari
2nd 393 votes | Tainaka Ritsu @ K-ON!!
3rd 86 votes | Akeno Mihoshi @ Sora no Manimani

Oh wow Yamada just styled as expected, although as I’ve said in the previous entry I wish it wasn’t a landslide. Isn’t sad Erika, but I guess she overachieved at the end of the day considering that she was a 2nd prelim qualifier, But in the end, Yamada just proved once more that she’ll give Tenshi a fight of her life in their impending match. Gotta look forward to that.

As for Hitagi’s win, bittersweet because it was at Ricchan’s expense. I thought it was a pretty good performance by “Crab” setting her up for a spicy Block F final against Mafuyu and Yui-nyan after today’s match is settled. Hope Hitagi takes in the end to salvage Block F for me (yeah), and I think she stacks up pretty well against those two.

Today’s matches are opposites of each other. In Block E, we’ve got three characters possibly equal in strength, in Block F we’re looking at a blowout.

The blowout first. Yui-nyan’s poised to formalize her match against Mafuyu and Hitagi. She’s just on a different level against her foes Evangeline (sadly), and Hazuki. So there’s nothing much to see her except a thorough beating to warm Yui up for that tantalizing Block Final.

And the interesting one is here. I think they’re all even in strength, although Komoe’s win was a bit more impressive as she defeated Haruhi (albeit the latter’s disappearing mojo). The other two notched solid wins, but nothing spectacular. I expect Komoe to win in the end though, since she’s from Railgun, one of the power players this year. However that’s not discounting the fact that Kana has Toyosaki fuel going for her, and the MC status tag also applies to Cecily. So yeah, one thing to expect in this match, it’s gonna be close. Unfortunately, the impact of the match will not that be much, since realistically the winner will get the right to play the third wheel in that Kanade-Yamada potential classic.

As for my picks: Eva (top 20 chara) and Kana. Not expecting much voter turnout today. The next match, on the other hand will be different story. Stay tuned.


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