Bakemonogatari’s Sengoku Nadeko accomplished one of the biggest wins in the tournament so far as she eliminated last year’s finalist Hirasawa Yui from K-On! in the Second Round of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Finishing a distant third in the highly-anticipated match was Sora no Otoshimono’s Nymph.

The Block B semifinal match saw Saginomiya Isumi successfully snapping the losing streak of Hayate no Gotoku! as she easily catapulted into first place over rivals Himari (Omamori Himari) and Oshino Shinobu (Bakemonogatari).


Block A22
1st 911 votes | Sengoku Nadeko @ Bakemonogatari
2nd 727 votes | Hirasawa Yui @ K-ON!!
3rd 96 votes | Nymph @ Sora no Otoshimono

Block B23
1st 591 votes | Saginomiya Isumi @ Hayate no Gotoku!!
2nd 438 votes | Himari @ Omamori Himari
3rd 376 votes | Oshino Shinobu @ Bakemonogatari

Well, Nadeko’s win actually come into fruition. Unbelievable. I should have trusted my instincts, but I’m not that faithful to my wizardy skills yet. As a consequence, missed my chance for a double 2-0 day. So another Block favorite comes down crashing and the curse of Saimoe finalists continue. Too bad for Yui loyalists, you get my condolences. Well, I’ve noted in my preseason preview that no Yui encores this time, and that Azusa or Mio will have to carry the burden of leading K-On to the promised Saimoe land. But I didn’t expect Yui to go down this early. Such is Saimoe, cutthroat competition at its finest. As for Nadeko, can she capitalize on this all the way? Nagi most probably looms in the horizon, and with vengeful votes from Yui symphatizers being part of the game, it’s gonna be an uphill battle for her. It’s also hard to count out Yuno.

As for the other match, grats to Isumi. Well, it was expected. Gotta savor this victory for now, because she’s gonna be a huge underdog against Shana and Nanoha. Anyway, that makes it eight victories all-time for Isumi, and many more to come, I guess? But not from this year, though, unless a huge miracle somewhat happens.

Today’s matches can be summed up in one word: VictoRie. Yeah, the lethal combination of the two of the most successful Saimoe combatants ever take the stage today in separate matches. No need for verbosity with regard to these matches, it’s gonna be RAEP. Too bad for Nazuna, who is my pick for her match, and of course Nagi.

And I’m done for the day. This match will kinda be the break of some sort, because there’s gonna be fierce match coming up next after this one. Looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Distortion

  1. nissannut September 15, 2010 / 4:11 pm

    Last year’s runner-up is out! And it wasn’t even that close. Looking at the graphs, and it shows that Nadeko’s lead just kept growing every hour. Big win. Farewell, Yui.

    Isumi’s win was very similar in manner too, but the votes more distributed among the three girls.

    Today, I going with Minami and Nazuna. Wow… going against the alternate dimension girls – Shana and Nagi.

    Yeah, “VictorRie” sounds about right. I definitely understand the appeal of Nagi and Shana.

  2. Antikon September 15, 2010 / 5:10 pm


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