Takamachi Nanoha added another milestone to her impressive Saimoe resume, winning her 18th match all-time by successfully holding off Ikeda Kana from Saki. The win advances Nanoha to her fourth Block Finals appearance in five tries. Finishing third was Bakemonogatari’s Hachikuji Mayoi.

The other Block Semifinal saw Hidamari Sketch’s Yuno advancing to her second Block Finals appearances after she defeated Saimoe rookies Noda Miki from Geijutsuka Art Design Class and Todoroki Yachiyo from Working!

Block A21
1st 444 votes | Yuno @ Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆
2nd 317 votes | Noda Miki @ GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
3rd 208 votes | Todoroki Yachiyo @ Working!!

Block B22
1st 536 votes | Takamachi Nanoha @ Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st
2nd 481 votes | Ikeda Kana @ Saki
3rd 225 votes | Hachikuji Mayoi @ Bakemonogatari

Okay, that was expected, but still entertaining. Nanoha and Yuno have prevailed, and that’s all good, easily could have been a 2-0 day in picks, but 1-0-1 because I lost Noda (latter refers to painful losses. already 2 in that department). However I thought Mayoi would be the one that would challenge Nanoha, but in the end it’s the trusty Ikeda Kana who would give Nanoha a little trouble (albeit she never trailed, it was close throughout). So yeah, nothing much more to comment, but yeah, I’m really really happy about this results. Second block final appearance for Yuno, four for Nanoha. I hope they can advance further (they’ll be underdogs in their next matches, saying it now).

So preview time. One of the best matches this round is already here. Of course i’m referring to Nadeko vs. Yui vs. Nymph (though the latter will be a non-factor). So it all goes down to two, and many will be looking to knock Yui out (finalist syndrome, etc). But I think she’s something special, so I don’t think she’ll be denied the win here, despite Nadeko being a dangerous foe. Mayoi’s disappointing performance doesn’t help either. So yeah, Yui wins, despite the predictable anti-vote, and block votes.

This will probably the first time that block-voting will fail this year, because looking at the numbers, Shinobu is a complete underdog against Isumi. Himari also. So I think this is pretty much Isumi’s chance to stop the Hayate losing streak and odds are high she’ll make it, as the chase for the all-time wins by a series record hits high gear. So 1-2-3 will be Isumi, Shinobu, then Himari.

In the end, supporting Isumi and Nadeko. Let’s see how it goes. Shit’s gonna get real.


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