Killed Twice

Serizawa Fumino gave Mayoi Neko Overrun! a much needed win in the First Round of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010, pulling away from Hanamaru Youchien’s Anzu as the penultimate match day of the opening round came to a close Saturday. Kagura (Gintama) and Senou Natsuru (Kampfer) were third and fourth respectively.

Hanato Kobato on her end put on a dazzling performance to arrange a meeting with Akiyama Mio in the Second Round.Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/Stay Night settled for second, while Sora no Manimani’s Makita Hime finsihed third, and Bakemonogatari’s Araragi Tsukihi, at fourth.


Block G08
1st 241 votes | Hanato Kobato @ Kobato.
2nd 106 votes | Illyasviel von Einzbern @ Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works
3rd 84 votes | Makita Hime @ Sora no Manimani
4th 67 votes | Araragi Tsukihi @ Bakemonogatari

Block H08
1st 262 votes | Serizawa Fumino @ Mayoi Neko Overrun!
2nd 139 votes | Anzu @ Hanamaru Kindergarten
3rd 78 votes | Kagura @ Gintama series
4th 70 votes | Senou Natsuru @ Kämpfer

Quite the uneventful day in Saimoe, but gotta get through these last few days until Round Two. So Kobato pretty much won without trouble, I don’t know how that will reflect on her chances against Mio, but I say she has a fighting chance. As to Fumino, she has a decent draw, so she shouldn’t have any problems until the Block Finals, given her competition. She won comfortably despite struggling early on, so yeah, hats off to her.

So time to finish this Round with quite the whimper. Le Sigh. I don’t really care about the characters in Block G, so in the end went with Shiina. And as for Block H, Nori all the way. Both are my predictions, although Shiina might have difficulty against a renewed Nanoha faction with some Kugyuu mojo going for her. Let’s see how it goes. And so ends probably my shortest post in a long while. Well, gonna make it up big time come round two, yeah i have plenty of stuff to say regarding those matches. But for now, there’s not really much to ponder on, and i’m kinda in the fast forward mode. Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Killed Twice

  1. Anon September 12, 2010 / 3:41 am

    Any chance you’ll update the sidebar :p?

    • frustra September 12, 2010 / 4:26 am

      right after this match. i’ve got things planned up once this Round ends, after all, and those take greater priority, lol.

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