A Cut Above

Bakemonogatari’s Hitagi Senjougahara met the weight of expectations and delivered in her Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010 debut as she defeated 2007 champion Furude Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni using a furious comeback in the closing stages of the match. The win continued Bakemonogatari’s solid string of successful first round finishes, and also kept Higurashi winless in this year’s tilt. Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund and Kurumizawa Ume from Kimi ni Todoke finsihed distant third and fourth.

Cecily Cambell on the other hand kept Seiken no Blacksmith undefeated as she cruised to victory over Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo’s Mikogami Nagisa, Andou Mahoro from Mahoromatic, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!’s Hanazono Sakura.


Block E07
1st 246 votes | Cecily Cambell @ The Sacred Blacksmith
2nd 163 votes | Mikogami Nagisa @ Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo
3rd 135 votes | Andou Mahoro @ Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri
4th 90 votes | Hanazono Sakura @ Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Block F07
1st 408 votes | Senjougahara Hitagi @ Bakemonogatari
2nd 345 votes | Furude Rika @ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
3rd 46 votes | Mina Ţepeş @ Dance in the Vampire Bund
4th 23 votes | Kurumizawa Ume (Kurumi) @ Kimi ni Todoke

Hell yeah. After the Hinagiku debacle, looks like my choice characters are finally hitting their stride. Hitagi rallied to win, and that definitely feels good inside. I actually think that Hitagi is one of the contenders this year, and the decent vote total might mask some of her strength at this stage, and that is a good thing when it comes to Saimoe. Rika has to be lauded for her commendable effort, despite this being the first time she has lost in the opening round. To think that she led in the early moments might raise suspicion that there is a target on Hitagi’s back but I can’t really say. But regardless of speculation, the fact that Hitagi managed to pull it off makes me one happy camper, especially when Erika also won yesterday. Now to make it three in a row, hopefully. But for the moment I’m gonna comment that Cecily’s win is decent, let’s see if she keeps it up. As I said she’s my default vote in her match, and after having seen Kiruminzoo, it appears that Nagisa hasn’t pulled my moe strings yet. Which is too bad, but then again, there’s next year. Rimu and Riko though, are fuckawesome so far.

So in the end, 2-0 (23-26-1) picks, 2-0 (42-8) predictions. Just the way I like it.

For the first time as long as i can remember this year we have consecutive interesting voting days. The first one just finished, and here comes another. But first, the slightly easy one:

Kana and Shizuku are gonna vie for it, and despite being a 2nd prelim q’er, i think Shizuku is quite dangerous. We have already seen that 2nd prelim q’ers can win. But then after seeing Amano Saki perform, I can say that Kana has this one. She’s also powered by Toyosaki Aki mojo, and that is certainly a premium. She’s also my pick.

The Block F match hurts from a personal standpoint because I love both Ritsu and Minatsu. And they will probably be the ones really in the mix in the match. In the end, going with Ritsu because she’s actually in my top 3 this year. As for predictions, i’m going with Ritsu. However I won’t also be surprised if Minatsu wins because she’s one of the more popular ones in her show, while Ritsu lags behind Azusa, Yui, Mio and Mugi. I don’t quite agree, but that’s the way it goes. I think Ritsu has enough gas though, and backed with K-On mojo, she has a great chance. Seitokai no Ichizon has some stuff to prove the doubters however, so this will certainly be an entertaining match to watch.


3 thoughts on “A Cut Above

  1. nissannut September 1, 2010 / 10:21 pm

    You know what I like about this blog.

    Even though it’s subjective, there isn’t any hostility or knee-jerking remarks. I understand some folks are passionate, but the things people say can really get under one’s skin.

    Anyway, it seemed like a rather routine win for Senjougahara over former champ Furude Rika. Good for me, I guess, since I did vote for her. While Rika’s lost is a little sad, I can say that I at least got to use Nipah on AS before her elimination. And I got to use it here too!

    I’ve now just remembered that Cecily won her match and I voted for her. Then again, from the moment the match started, she had it in the bag.

    Today I’m going for… crap I forgot the first match… lemme scroll back up…

    Ah! Shizuka! My top girl from Kampfer… which is not really high when it comes to my favorites. Still… I love her courage at seducing whathisface despite being conservative.

    And of course, Minatsu! My favorite from Seitokai no Ichizon, which I didn’t like. While obviously higher than Shizuka, she’s still not in my top 10…

  2. Micchi September 2, 2010 / 1:16 am

    Unfortunately little Koume will be lost in the mix. I hope she isn’t completely deserted in favour of Ritsu and Minatsu.

    Also, seconding the liking of subjective yet non-hostile commenting. Cheers bro!

    • nissannut September 2, 2010 / 4:21 am

      If Minatsu wasn’t in that group, I certainly would have voted for Koume.

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