Full Bloom

Miyanaga Saki added another win to her series’ column as she got by Sora no Woto’s Sorami Kanata to proceed to the Second Round of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Saki’s victory is their eighth in sixteen tries. Kimi ni Todoke’s Kuronuma Sawako ended up with third place, and Seitokai no Ichizon’s Toudou Elis, at fourth.

Kurumi Erika on the other hand helped Heartcatch Precure earn its first series win at the expense of Macross Frontier’s Ranka Lee. Sakura Matou from Fate/Stay Night and Houjouin Seika from Princess Lover! were the third and fourth place finishers, respectively.


Block E06

1st 206 votes | Kurumi Erika (Cure Marine) @ HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
2nd 194 votes | Ranka Lee @ Macross Frontier the Movie: Itsuwari no Utahime
3rd 87 votes | Matou Sakura @ Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works
4th 82 votes | Houjouin Seika @ Princess Lover!

Block F06
1st 238 votes | Miyanaga Saki @ Saki
2nd 186 votes | Sorami Kanata @ So Ra No Wo To
3rd 106 votes | Kuronuma Sawako @ Kimi ni Todoke
4th 83 votes | Toudou Elis @ Seitokai no Ichizon

Predictions: 1-1 (40-8)
Picks: 1-1 (21-26-1)

Well, glad I bungled up on predicting the Block E match because I really wanted Erika to win. A feel-good victory for Precure fans like me, this one definitely is. I underestimated her, but yeah, Cure Marine for the win. Saki on the other hand got through in predictable fashion, which sets up an interesting match essentially against Mafuyu. Seguing to today’s matches, one of which promises to be an exciting affair.

But let’s first get the easy one out of the way. Cecily was superb in her preliminary round performance and I think she’ll continue here against lesser opponents, in terms of power. I am still undecided on who I’d vote for though, as I’m scheduled to watch Anymal Tantei today and let’s see if Nagisa can sway me. If not, going with Cecily.

Now for the more interesting one. Easy pick may be Hitagi, but whenever you are up against a champion there are no guarantees. Rika is a Saimoe legend, and legends cannot be counted out. And moreso after the recent turn of events this year. I for one, hope it will be a stable victory for Tsundere-chan, but Rika loyalists may have something to nipah about. This definitely be living up to a promise of an entertaining match, and that’s the only guarantee i can give for today. Hitagi must avoid the upset axe, although in a different light, she losing should put Ricchan or Minatsu in a favorable position, so the next candidates have something in stake here, adding another dimension to the fight. Nevertheless, I really find Senjougahara fascinating, and so, she gets my vote of confidence.

And that’s it for the day, and thanks again for reading.


One thought on “Full Bloom

  1. nissannut September 1, 2010 / 12:05 am

    Today, I’ll paste from AS!

    Houjouin Seika gets last… but at least I can say that my vote kept her within five votes of Fate/stay night’s Sakura.

    I voted Sawako and she gets third. Oh well. Sadly, Kanata finished 2nd – 52 votes behind Saki. I love -Saki-. I play Mahjong because of -Saki-. I pull for Saki to win all of her Mahjong games except against Hisa. Because of Saki, I get really excited when I get Rinshan Kaihou when I play Mahjong. But I just can’t seem to get excited enough to vote for Saki. Strange…

    Today… the busty knight who… eh… what good things can I go say…
    She knows her swords… umm…
    She got beat up and rescued twice in on episode… and it happened the first episode!
    Err… her armor somehow crumbled…
    Oh… Lisa adores her!

    Hitagi! She’s got a crabby attitude, and expresses her romantic feelings in ways not many can…
    …like at the end episode 12…
    …Oh, and all those times she complimented Arararagi… maybe I should’ve voted for Mayoi group B04…

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