Nagato Yuki of Suzumiya Haruhi series fame poured in an avalanche of votes against the opposition to easily advanced to Second Round of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Yuki’s win marks the first one for the Haruhi series this year. Koumei from Koihime Musou settled for second place, and trailing her were Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou’s Korone and Shugo Chara’s Hoshina Utau.

The second match saw Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu’s Shimada Hazuki scoring an upset against Saki’s Someya Mako, and consequently snapping Saki’s winning run at three. Hazuki also became the first character from the Second Preliminary Round to advance to Round Two of the Main Draw. Yasuri Nanami and Itezora Konayuki from Katanagatari were third and fourth.


Block E01
1st 270 votes | Nagato Yuki @ The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi
2nd 137 votes | Shokatsuryou Koumei (Shuri) @ Shin Koihime†Musou series
3rd 122 votes | Korone @ Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
4th 67 votes | Hoshina Utau (Tsukuyomi Utau) @ Shugo Chara! series

Block F01
1st 200 votes | Shimada Hazuki @ Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
2nd 190 votes | Someya Mako @ Saki
3rd 103 votes | Yasuri Nanami @ Katanagatari
4th 42 votes | Itezora Konayuki @ Katanagatari

Well, Yuki won as expected, but the story of the day has to be Hazuki coming out of nowhere and knocking out Mako from the accomplished Saki faction. But yeah, abberations like this happen. 2ch loves their lolis, nobody really likes Mako, etc. 1-1 in predictions (33-5), 0-2 (16-22) in picks. ugh. Anyway let’s move on to more important matters…

Ah, the highlight of the opening round. This is arguably the most anticipated voting day in the First Round of Saimoe 2010. Two huge matches, three major factions involved. One of the favorites to win the crown, Kanade finally makes her debut and is immediately cast into an acid test: she faces Index, from the powerful Railgun faction, who is definitely hungry for a win, after last year’s first round disaster. Although fans won’t be voting based merely on her cameo appearances in the Railgun anime, I still think that Index will come close, but ultimately not close enough. That’s because Tenshi is fortunate enough to be gifted with an assist from the other side of the bracket: Yui. And that will be the deciding factor.

On a personal standpoint I’m frustrated by this pairing because Index deserves better after last year’s debacle. But such is how Saimoe works. And unfortunately I won’t be rooting for her here (same for Tsubomi), since Tenshi is one of my top seven characters in the draw, and this year might be her only chance to shine. So at the end of it all, I am predicting Tenshi to win, and she’s also my pick for this match.

Yui will win using the same logic as the aforementioned match. Yeah, while Mahiru is not as strong as I originally thought back in preseason, she still packs a mean punch, and again, the difference-maker here will ultimately be the combo votes. My ballot however will not be the one which will decide the winner though (I am certainly a fan of neither prospects) should the match be decided by a vote a la Uiharu-Hisa. I am supporting Shiraishi Lily here, who will get caught in the crossfire as Yui and Mahiru trade haymakers. Isn’t it sad ;_;

So yeah, bring it on. I know both of these matches will deliver the goods and the current first round vote record will be definitely be broken today. And so will be the highest vote count.

And on a closing note, I’ve also updated some stuff, and added a stats page in the champions archive, updated up to the last match of Block D.


One thought on “Snowstorm

  1. nissannut August 26, 2010 / 12:15 am

    Go Tenshi! Kanada was great in Angel Beats!, especially the final episode. I just wished that Angel Beats! would have been at least 22 episodes. There’s just so much more they could have developed… Maybe in the future they’ll be a remake…

    Yui was great throughout the series too. I loved her fun and violent side, but it was the sad background story and her will to make the most out of both lives that really drew me to her.

    Enough Angel Beats! love here…

    My votes are obviously for Tenshi and Mahiru.

    Yeah, I said Mahiru! Hahahaha… I’m hoping she can sneak a straight right to Yui and get the surprise win. My favorite girl out of the many that I love in Working!!

    I still love Yui, though. 😀

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