Stroke of Genius

Himeji Mizuki defeated Spice and Wolf’s Horo to become the second character from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu to qualify in the Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010 Second Round as Saimoe action continued Tuesday. Finishing at third was Saki’s Kajiki Yumi, and at fourth, Yusa from Angel Beats!.

In the other match, Amano Saki from Kanamemo successfully won the series’ opening match in the Main Draw by overcoming an early deficit to beat K-On!’s Yamanako Sawako. Pandora Hearts’ Alice settled for third, with Ladies versus Butlers!’ Ousawa Mimina trailing at fourth.


Block C02
1st 224 votes | Himeji Mizuki @ Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
2nd 190 votes | Holo @ Spice and Wolf II
3rd 121 votes | Kajiki Yumi @ Saki
4th 92 votes | Yusa @ Angel Beats!

Block D02
1st 230 votes | Amano Saki (Chief) @ Kanamemo
2nd 185 votes | Yamanaka Sawako @ K-ON!!
3rd 104 votes | Alice @ Pandora Hearts
4th 73 votes | Ousawa Mimina @ Ladies versus Butlers!

I’m on a roll when it comes to being a wizard in this prediction game, but my picks are falling and with that I’m certainly not pleased. So, 2-0 again on predictions (19-3), and 0-2 (again, ugh) in picks (9-13). But if Himeji can only muster that amount of votes, she’s not gonna last against Tacos. So will today’s combatants as well. I’ve shared my sentiments yesterday on Horo’s Saimoe misfortunes, and they came true enough today. Sad sad.

As for Alice, it’s cool that she did not finish last, but it still sucks. Kanamemo is 1-0 in Saimoe now (haha oh wow) while K-On suffers its first defeat. They will look to make it up today with a solid win. So yeah, nothing much more to say, let’s just get on with the program.

Well, if yesterday was almost a snoozer, this one, regrettably, surely is one. Block D’s rep as the weakest block among the eight is definitely showing here, with three second prelim q’ers, and Wilhelmina almost suffering the same fate, finishing 12th in her group. On the other side, midcarders (in terms of Saimoe strength, of course) from K-On! and Hidamari are going head to head, together with two second prelim q’ers. Welp. So yeah, restating the obvious, today’s card is weak, perhaps the weakest so far. Well, let’s just get over this and think of it as a warm-up for the tantalizing matchups coming up – the calm before the storm, as the adage goes.

For Block C, I think Manabe Nodoka has the edge, as like last year, she has shown she’s capable of winning against weak competition. Of course, not that Yoshinoya is that weak, but from the rungs of Hidamari hierarchy, you can say that she’s one. So look for Nodoka to win, but not that comfortably. As for my pick, I’ve been a supporter of Yoshinoya-sensei for a long while now, and that has not changed. Although I wouldn’t mind Nodoka winning, at all.

Block D’s card for today is a bit more complicated to predict since there’s no one who really stands out power-wise as aforementioned. The safe bet is Wilhelmina, but I somehow feel more adventurous and feel like predicting Isuzu here. But then again, Isuzu barely made it in an easier group in comparison to Wilhelmina, so I’m gonna play it safe and hope that my pick makes it: Wilhelmina it is.

Let’s just wait this one out, and get ready for Koromo-Nozomi and Uiharu-Hisa-Izumi in the following days. And yeah, AS post here.


3 thoughts on “Stroke of Genius

  1. nissannut August 17, 2010 / 11:03 pm

    I love the headline. “Stroke of Genius” just has a nice buzz and ring to it. Fantastique!

    One snoozer of a day followed by almost another. I’m hyped up about Nodoka, and that’s about it…

    I feel the same way about Group D. Who’s gonna win?! I dunno. It doesn’t matter? Maybe not. The winner will be easy pickings for the 2 lolis awaiting. Why does “lolis” show up as a misspelled word? It definitely should be added to my dictionary! Done. “Lolis” is now in my Firefox dictionary.

    Anyway, for me, today is all about Nodaka!

    • frustra August 18, 2010 / 9:08 am

      thanks. yeah, i meant to use that headline more appropriately in the event that Hiiragi won her match against Yachiyo, but it wasn’t meant to be. in any case, I guess it fit just right for Himeji’s match. 🙂

      Nodoka was ho-hum for me before, but after watching more of K-On, I guess she’s fine too. Not bad, not bad at all, although Yoshinoya is tickles me more in the moe department.

  2. nissannut August 18, 2010 / 11:14 am

    Understandable for Yoshinoya-sensei. I’ve voted for her in the past and would have voted for if there was another girl who didn’t interest me.

    As for Hiiragi… I just started watching Hanamaru Youchien (seen 4 episodes now), and it really is a cute series. She’s definitely the most moe to me in the series, but Yachiyo was in that group, so I still wouldn’t have voted for her. Too bad… it would have been nice if she was in today’s Block D-3 match. =(

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