No Stopping Noda

Geijutsuka Art Design Class’ Noda Miki and Hidamari Sketch’s Nazuna both came up with victories in debuts as Saimoe First Round action resumed Tuesday. Noda defeated Suminoya Kureha of Sora no Woto, Jindai Komaki of Saki, Kusakabe Misuzu of 11eyes and Miyano Mayu of B GAta H Kei en route to victory, while Nazuna fended off a challenge by Mizuno Kaede from Nyan Koi, as well as Kiyama Harumi from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, and Akashi-san from Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei.


Block A01
1st 267 votes | Noda Miki @ GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
2nd 173 votes | Suminoya Kureha @ So Ra No Wo To
3rd 99 votes | The Miko on the center of the Miko’s Team (Jindai Komaki) @ Saki
4th 91 votes | Kusakabe Misuzu @ 11eyes
5th 79 votes | Miyano Mayu @ B Gata H Kei

Block B02
1st 288 votes | Nazuna @ Hidamari Sketch x ☆☆☆
2nd 256 votes | Mizuno Kaede @ Nyan Koi!
3rd 124 votes | Kiyama Harumi @ To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
4th 57 votes | Akashi-san @ The Tatami Galaxy

so yeah, Noda really pulled it off, while I am okay with Nazuna winning. Things look really good for Hidamari so far, and maybe Kaede just got good prelims numbers because of a weak group. In any case, I’m happy with Noda meeting my expectations. I hope this isn’t the last GA win this year, because it sure does look like it, given the draw ._. Anyway, 2-0 picks, 1-1 predictions.

Forward to the second batch of matches:

This is basically Yachiyo v Hiiragi, with the latter having a slight advantage because of a potential split. But I think that is negligible. Still, I have confidence in Hiiragi, and those few votes leeched by Kyouko might be enough to carry her. But I would not be surprised if Yachiyo somehow manage to pull it off, given that as a faction, Working!! is pretty high up there.

Pick: Hiiragi. I hope she pulls it off because she really is the most moe in this match. Panda-neko! Ayahime!
Prediction: Hiiragi. No change, but now more skeptical about this.

This boils down to Mika versus Ryou, and the former performed disappointingly in the prelims after a somewhat decent performance the previous year. leaning with consistency here, so therefore Ryou has her good fortune today.

Pick: Chikumaen Kaho. Trolltastic and Yukarin combo.
Prediction: Ryou. No change.

And there you have it. The more exciting matches are in the horizon, so just gotta keep moving on ’til we get there.


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