Flame Haze

Shana made a glorious return to the Saimoe battlefield after a one-year absence by winning the much-anticipated Group Fifteen top honors, besting last year’s finalist Hirasawa Yui of K-On, Kotobuki Tsumugi, Nakamura Yuri of Angel Beats!, and Suzumiya Haruhi, among others. Shana actually lead virtually throughout the group, mired throughout with fog of war in form of fake or invalid votes.

Sixth to twelveth place finishers, respectively were Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono, Kotegawa Yui of ToLoveRu, Cecily Cambell of Sacred Blacksmith, Hoshina Utau of Shugo Chara!, Lisa, also from Sacred Blacksmith, Konori Mii from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, and Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge.

Thre rest of the results can be found here.


In a round filled with lol fake votes, honestly didn’t expect Shana to return in such grand fashion, but in retrospect, seeing Nanoha, Yuki and Fate return triumphantly, it’s not so unlikely that Shana can do the same. And she does so by trumping the most succesful eligible character in the tournament – last year’s finalist, Hirasawa Yui. No easy feat, at all. But Yui getting upeneded by a Kugyuu character once again just seems so fitting.

But what about that Mugi. I am impressed too. Gonna have to wait for the elimination brackets to prove her real worth, but she put on quite a show, cruising ahead of Yui throughout the match, except for the final moments, so it cannot be simply dismissed as Mugi riding on Yui’s coattails.  Yuri getting ahead of Haruhi proves that the latter seems to have lost a step, but it should probably be expected.

The rest of the finishers I expected, except for Cecily and Nino. Why hello there. And yeah, I suck horribly for feeling that Ame’s gonna make it, and still, Japan, I am disappoint. So predictions ended up 10 of 12, while picks, i got 7-2-1, but it was a terrible loss. Ame ;_;

Group Sixteen Preview

The final group for the first prelims, cometh.

  1. Hamster
  2. Himeji
  3. Koume
  4. Yachiyo
  5. Mika
  6. Kan’u
  7. Sousou
  8. Nodoka
  9. Yamada
  10. Kotone
  11. Noel
  12. Sakura Kaede

Not sure on some of my picks, but yeah, this group looks weak compared to the previous one, but I kinda like it since it contains many characters that I would love to support. I predict Hamster to win a close fight with Himeji, as BakaTest looked not that formidable, but let’s see if Himeji can reverse that trend. Maybe I’m expecting too much from Koume, but it’s not that bad to be optimistic. In the end, all mid-tiers, in my opinion, but lovable, nevertheless.

Picks would be the tough part, but I’m going to make this fast.


Ended up with the overflow of Nodoka, Himegami, Noe, Asuna, Yukina, Himeji and Ichihara Yuuko. Koume is the only top priority for this round, but I’ll take what I can! 😛

That’s all for now folks, and let’s see the fallout from this later.


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