Yes Ui Can

Saimoe powerhouse K-On! continued to stamp its authority as another one of its characters finished first at the preliminary round of the Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010. Hirasawa Ui ran away with first place honors, continuing what Nakano Azusa accomplished in Group One.

At second place was Hanamaru Youchien’s Yamamoto Nanako, followed by Yusa from Angel Beats!, while Suou Pavlichenko from Darker than Black garnered fourth place. Rounding out the top five was Toudou Lilicia of Seitokai no Ichizon.

Completing the Main Draw qualifiers were Aruruu from Utawarerumono, Hattori Junko of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Kasugawa Sasara and Kousaka Tamaki of ToHeart, Suminoya Kureha of Sora no Woto, Takatsuki Kanade of Asura Cryin’ and Chouhi of Koihime Musou. Beatrice of Umineko wound up lacking one vote for direct qualification.

The rest of the results are here.


Color me surprised with Yamamoto-sensei. Ui destroying this group though, was expected. Hayate mojo couldn’t carry A-tan, and I should have anticipated that considering that she barely had screentime. But then again, mangafags could have made a push or something like that. Completely blew it on that account since I predicted her to get second. What do I know ._.

Suou was another one who I overlooked. DtB sold well, should have taken that into account. So in the end, 10 of 12 again for predictions. For picks, I went 4-6-0, at least no casualties once more.

Group Five Preview

My Prediction:

  1. Haramura Nodoka
  2. Takamachi Nanoha
  3. Touyoko Momoko
  4. Ikeda Kana
  5. Saber
  6. Kirishima Shouko
  7. Yuuki Mikan
  8. Konjiki no Yami
  9. Eruruu
  10. Ranka Lee
  11. Sheryl Nome
  12. Misumi Nagisa

Well, this is a packed group compared to yesterday’s snoozefest. Combined, the characters on deck have a total of one Saimoe championship (Takamachi Nanoha), one semifinals appearance (Haramura Nodoka), two quarterfinals appearances (Nanoha again, and Misumi Nagisa of PreCure fame), and four sweet sixteen appearances (twice by Utawarerumono’s Eruruu, Kana and Momoko with one apiece). Nanoha is one of the greatest Saimoe performers of al time, but she has a steep test as Saki block votes ought to tip the scales in the latter’s favor, especially Nodoka. I actually expect her to win this group. Nevertheless this is an important match as we’ll get to see where Nanoha and Saber now stand in this new Saimoe landscape. BakaTest also finally debuts with one of their flagships Kirishima Shouko. Saimoe veterans from To-Love-Ru Mikan and Yami will compete for a slot and get it since after all, they are TLR’s main guns in their fledgling campaign. Ranka and Sheryl will probably notch main draw berths, but I’m not too confident about that. I’m gonna give a former top-eighter Nagisa a benefit of the doubt and believe that she’ll get the final slot.

Other contenders that will fight  for the last slots would be Itoshiki Rin of SZS, Kurumi Erika of Heartcatch Precure, Souya Yuki of Taishou Yakyuu Musume, Urin of Umi Monogatari, Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail and Bernkastel of Umineko.

My picks:

<<霧島翔子@バカとテストと召喚獣>> [Shouko]
<<来海えりか(キュアマリン)@ハートキャッチプリキュア!>> [Erika]
<<結城美柑@ToLOVEる -とらぶる->> [Mikan]
<<高町なのは@魔法少女リリカルなのは THE MOVIE 1st>>[Nanoha]
<<セイバー@Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS>> [Seiba]
<<東横桃子@咲-Saki->> [Stealth Momo]
<<宗谷雪@大正野球娘。>> [Souya Yuki]
<<ルーシィ・ハートフィリア@FAIRY TAIL>> [Lucy]
<<ベルンカステル@うみねこのなく頃に>> [Trollkastel]
<<池田華菜@咲-Saki->> [Ikeda Kana]

Nanoha and Mikan are the top-tier votes for me this time. As for the rest, Saber for Kawasumi Ayako, Erika for being my top chara in Precure, Stealth Momo for being stealthy, Souya Yuki for Mamio, Ikeda for despair moe, Shouko for owning Yuuji, Lucy for being a great character in Fairy Tail, and Trollkastel for Yukarin.

Should be an interesting battle. And with that, I’m out~


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