Block Party

Shiina Mafuyu of Seitokai no Ichizon emerged victorious in a highly-tested faction wars between SeiZon, Hidamari Sketch, K-On! and GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class. In the closest battle of the preliminaries yet, Mafuyu edged Hidamari’s Yuno 390 to 386 to top the group. Miyako, also from Hidamari, finished third, while K-On’s Tainaka Ritsu secured the fourth spot. Mafuyu’s sister Minatsu clinched fifth place.

Hidamari qualified four characters in the main draw as Nori and Nazuna claimed sixth and seventh place respectively. Noda Miki managed to place eighth. K-On’s Yamanaka Sawako garnered ninth, while rounding up the top twelve were Ookami Kakushi’s Kushinada Nemuru, Kyon’s sister from Suzumiya Haruhi series, and Kagura of Gintama.

The rest of the results can be found here.

Ended up as speculated, but I now know that I expected too much from GA. Poor Kisaragi-dono. At least Noda made it, and all my other picks did well. Hidamari doing well is a welcome sight. If Seitokai can be considered powerful, then they are in equal terms with Hidamari as Mafuyu just managed to edge Yuno and Miyako. Ritsu proves that she doesn’t have as much strength as the K-On trio, but that’s okay. Concerning predictions, I went 10 of 12. I overlooked Ookami’s Nemuru, probably due to the fact that it disappointed the previous round. I overestimated Shion, but she would have made it if not for this group being tough. Again, same with Kisaragi, Celty, Nodoka, Tsubomi and the rest.

Group Five Preview

after, a blockbuster Group Four, this bunch of characters are pretty underwhelming in so far as star power is concerned. Slim pickings here, so expect Hirasawa Ui and A-tan to duke it out for the top spot. Beatrice might have a say, but I’m not really confident on Umineko right now. With that said, this group again is very hard to predict on who will make it to the main draw, aside from Ui, A-tan, Beatrice and Ichiban Ushiro’s Hattori Junko. I ended up speculating that Saimoe veterans from ToHeart Kusugawa Sasara and Kousaka Tamaki will once again reach the main draw, together with Utawarerumono’s Aruruu, Chouhi of Koihime Musou, Asura Cryin’s Takatsuki Kanade, Toudou Lilicia from Seitokai no Ichizon, and Suminoya Kureha from Sora no Woto. Yusa will probably make it due to Angel Beats! mojo. Perhaps Omamori’s, i really don’t know.

As for rankings, I expect Ui to top the group. K-On is looking really good right now, and I expect them to be better than Hayate. I have no idea on how Ichiban Uishiro will fare, but I know Junko is not the top girl from that show. l’m going with this:

  1. Ui
  2. A-tan
  3. Junko
  4. Beatrice
  5. Chouhi
  6. Aruruu
  7. Lilicia
  8. Sasara
  9. Tamaki
  10. Kanade
  11. Kureha
  12. Yusa

Slim pickings with my votes as well.

<<ベアトリーチェ@うみねこのなく頃に>> [Beatrice]
<<服部絢子@いちばんうしろの大魔王>> [Junko]
<<山本菜々子@はなまる幼稚園>> [Yamamoto-sensei]
<<平沢憂@けいおん!!>> [Ui]
<<加賀愛@【懺・】さよなら絶望先生 シリーズ>>  [Ai Kaga]
<<リザ・ホークアイ@鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST>> [Riza]
<<藤堂リリシア@生徒会の一存>>  – [Lilicia]
<<木村カエレ@【懺・】さよなら絶望先生 シリーズ>>[Kaere]
<<ドライ@Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~>> [Drei]

Nothing top tier for me this round ._. Maybe Beatrice, but that’s because of her awesomeness and trollsomeness, and Sayaka Ohara being one of my favorite VAs. The rest are mostly VA votes, especially Kaere (KobaYuu), Lilicia (Mamio), Nanako (Hazuki Erino), Drei (Miyukichi). I personally rank Blue low in Color Wars, but it couldn’t be helped. Kaga Ai needs some love because it wasn’t her fault. And the rest, I just had to fill in the extra slots. There’s really not much here, sadly.

Saimoe (Pre)Season Preview

Late, but I might as well  finish what I have started a few weeks ago.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – I see Railgun as one of the major players in this Saimoe tournament. Well, at least Biribiri will be, as she has demonstrated in dominating Group Two of the prelims. Saten and the rest will probably do well, and they could probably best last year’s rather mediocre performance after Index and Mikoto got bounced Rounds One and Two, respectively.

Working!! – the group will be another one of the Saimoe powerhouses after Poplar’s impressive prelim group performance. Inami and Poplar, in short has a puncher’s chance in making it big this year, despite strong competition from K-On, Angel Beats, Railgun and others. Quarterfinals or better seems a realistic bet for one of these two.

Taishou Yakyuu Musume – based on what I’ve seen from the performances of the other summer series. The prospect of moe baseball girls advancing far isn’t good. In any case they’ll be in the main draw, but that’s about it.

UmiMono – if Marin couldn’t breach the first prelim draw despite a rather week group, then the rest will be swept by the Saimoe sea as well.

Umineko – not going to be quite as impressive as their Higurashi counterpart when they first debuted, perchance. And not that they’re gonna impact the tournament this year anyway.

Tokimeki Memorial – the show is a distant memory as far as Saimoe is concerned.

ToHeart2 – when was the last time they weren’t here? and when was the last time they did well?

ToLoveRu – getting weaker each year, after Mikan’s good performance in 2007. Likely to be first round fodder now, unfortunately.

11 eyes – won’t be seeing them beyond the first round, that’s for sure.

Asura Cryin’ – Asure-a not gonna be good this year.

Canaan – the promised land (Saimoe) feels so far away

Dance in the Vampire Bund – no victory dances for Mina and company.

Denpa Teki no Kanojou – it would be crazy to bet for them to do well. But Ame is love. And loyalty.

Macross Frontier – this is the last frontier for Ranka and Sheryl

Pretty much, that’s about it. thanks for enduring. Tune in tomorrow, for 2006 Champion Nanoha returns anew and she’s up against Haramura Nodoka, last year’s semifinalist, among others.


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