Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010: Preliminary Round 1 – Group 1

Well, it’s finally here, the Preliminary Rounds. And we start off with a bang here, with K-On’s Nakano Azusa, Seitokai no Ichizon’s Sakurano Kurimu, Bakemonogatari’s Sengoku Nadeko and Working’s Poplar, headlining a strong cast of characters on deck for Group 1.

Since this group is filled with star power from past and present, it’s quite easy to predict at least 10 of the 12 who will make it. It’s impossible to rank it correctly, but I’m going with Sengoku Nadeko to win this group, followed by Azusa, Poplar, then Kurimu. Any of these four can win a group on their own, and here they are squared off against each other. Azusa is the third most popular K-On girl, while Nadeko arguably is numero uno in Bakemonogatari. Poplar is behind Mahiru in Working, and Kurimu probably trails Mafuyu in Seitokai. This is how the group will probably end up.

  1. Sengoku Nadeko
  2. Nakano Azusa
  3. Taneshima Poplar
  4. Sakurano Kurimu
  5. Horo (topped a prelim group last year)
  6. Hanekawa Tsubasa (Bakemonogatari)
  7. Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono)
  8. Nogizaka Haruka (show’s namesake)
  9. Sonozaki Mion (Higurashi, 2006 sweet sixteen)
  10. Houjou Satoko (Higurashi)
  11. Asakura Ryouko (Haruhi)
  12. Sangou Shizuku (Kampfer)

Other notables a.k.a. they will likely qualify by virtue of 2nd prelim round.

Alicia Testarossa and Lindy Harlaown (Nanoha), Canaan, Yoshitane Miharu (Saki), Kongou Mitsuko (Railgun), Melon (Akikan!), Rima Mashiro (Shugo Chara), Iwasawa (Angel Beats!)

Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone.

I’d probably be voting on this wise:

Poplar – my 2nd favorite Working girl. Top Tier Moe. Asumi Kana. Needed more screentime. ;_;
Nadeko – not the best Bake girl, but she’s definitely cute. Hanazawa Kana.
Tsubasa – it’s not that I like everything, I just happen to like her. Hocchan!!
Nakano Azusa –  Nyan~ Taketatsu Ayana.
Rima Mashiro – Party’s stock plummeted, but I still like my Rima. BARA-BARANSUUUUU
Horo – anime needs more awesome characters like her. also, s3 wherE? Amisuke!
Ikaros – definitely had her moments in SnO, although she’s not my favorite.
Nogizaka Haruka – Mamiko Noto vote, and more so, a vote for cosplay moe.
Iwasawa – you know she needed more screentime, if you watched AB. My Song… also, \Miyukichi/

And that’s it. I’ll try to stick in Saimoe Preview Part Four, before the results are out, and also, Group 2 Preview. It’ll be shocking.


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