“AnimeFans Saimoe Tournament”

apparently there is an ongoing moe tournament in this site. thanks to chaosprophet for pointing this out. now if only i can figure out if this is in any way related to last year’s Chinese Saimoe (nope, I can’t do Chinese moonrunes at all), and how the character eligibility and voting process actually work. in any case, the voting numbers are decent (Shana vs. Mikoto had about 1K-plus votes apiece), and they are three matches away from the quarterfinals. i’ll probably archive this too, just for kicks. as of this writing, Fujibayashi Kyou, Nakano Azusa, Shiina Mafuyu, Akiyama Mio and Misaka Mikoto are through to the Best Eight, while fighting for the final three slots are Katsura Hinagiku vs. Saber, Athena Tennos vs. Ilyasviel von Einzbern, and Tohsaka Rin vs. Ikaros, respectively.

on a semi-related note, Chartfag’s nifty summer season chart (V1) is out, and all i can say so far is FUCK YEAH STRIKE WITCHES.

another great Tenshi fanart to finish it off, and damn there’s plenty of them in pixiv.


not dead yet

nope, not at all. it’s been a long while since i’ve posted something about anything at all, but i still intend to continue running this blog, even moreso now that the Saimoe offseason is about to come to an end. Saimoe 2010 is coming closer, and it possibly could be the most competitive Saimoe ever. discussion for that will be saved for a few more weeks though, for now here are some updates to the site:

  • for starters,  i have finally found some time to complete the visual overview for Saimoe (v2 for this one actually) and for the other moe tournaments (Korean Best Moe, Chinese Saimoe and International Saimoe League)
  • i have added Chinese Saimoe to the archive, although the official sites for 2007 and 2008 seem to be dead. in any case, thanks to some google-fu i’ve managed to track down the top eight for those two tournaments
  • banner and theme change – Nanoha now graces the upper portion of the blog, replacing the Hidamari tandem of Yuno and Miyako to celebrate Nanoha’s return to Saimoe after a one-year absence. as for the theme change, i did it just for the heck of it.
  • edited the about page, and currently working out on the linkage page.
  • added recent updates to the sidebar, since i actually intend to do more updates as the saimoe season inches closer

that’s all for now. for the next time i will probably be posting Saimoe preseason prev-TENSHI TENSHI TENSHI TENSHI TENSHI TENSHI