Moe Picks: Summer Season

Fall Season is now upon us, which means more shows for HNGGGH-ing purposes for moe enthusiasts like me, but before truly moving on, I’m going to recap my Summer Season moe picks, and speculate on how they will stack up against future competition in 2010. In no particular order, here we go:

Baseball has never been so moe.

Suzukawa Koume  (Taishou Yakyuu Musume a.k.a. Moe Baseball)

She got me at episode one. Those who have watched this show, will know why. Man, Koume is so adorable. Plays catcher against boys and doesn’t afraid of anything. In addition, auto-blush is nice.  Having the same VA (Itou Kanae) as Amu is just gravy.

Saimoe potential? Summer anime are always in a handicap when it comes to Saimoe, because of the unreliable memory of man, so I’m not expecting the moe baseball girls to go deep into the tournament. But considering that it’s one of the more beloved shows by 2ch this summer, maybe Koume and crew will make a splash in to the Saimoe scene.

nakamichi kana
so moe, i died.

Nakamichi Kana (Kanamemo)

Kana reminds me so much of Yuno, who’s consistently up there in my moe list pantheon. That kind, shy and innocent attitude is just so DAWWWW-inducing. Also, gotta love her imagination. Admittedly, I haven’t finished Kanamemo yet, so I don’t have a full grasp of all of Kana’s moe-ments, but considering what I’ve seen so far of the show, consider me subscribed.

I’m not expecting Kana, and the other newspaper girls to do well in Saimoe, but rest assured, she will definitely have my support in 2010.

noda and kisaragi
GA: The art of moe

Yamaguchi Kisaragi and Miki Noda (GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class)

I love these two because they remind me so much of Hidamari’s Yuno and Miyako, respectively. And much has been said on my penchant for those character archetypes. Also, Kisaragi gets bonus points for meganekko and being voiced by Tomatsu Haruka.

As for Noda-chan, she’s just too awesome. This is awesome + moe done right. Besides that genki attitude, she’s also very cool, sporting that jacket and all. She keeps the show very entertaining for me with all the antics and the hijinks.

As for their projected Saimoe showing, I’m guessing they’ll have the same strength of Sketchbook’s charas. Now, subs where? ;_;

Senjougahara Fascination~
Senjougahara Fascination~

Senjougahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari)

No doubt about it, Bakemonogatari is one of the hit shows this previous season, and Senjougahara has a lot to do with it. Excellent character design. Great voice. Splendid long purple hair. She just epitomizes sexiness. I see her as one of those awesome + moe characters. She also has the attitude – yandere mode, tsundere mode or just being plain mean on Araragi, it’s just, let’s say, fascinating.

Yeah, so much praises for Senjougahara from me, but will the voters see the same next year? SHAFT shows’ performance in Saimoe has always been sketchy, but maybe Bakemonogatari will break the trend. Maybe. Regardless, Senjougahara skyrockets up there in my list.

pixiv needs moar Yumiko fanart

Ichinose Christina Yumiko (Yokuwakaru Gendaimahou)

Okay, so Yumiko already has Saimoe experience this year, but technically her show is still a summer series. And I didn’t get a chance to support her this year. But upon watching Modern Magic, it became clear to me that Yumiko has some of the moe traits that I appreciate. A bit of tsundere isn’t so bad, plus the ojousama attitude is just to much to pass up. Also, she has the loli and grown up form, yeah. Lastly, silver-violet hair moe~. And she’s the second chara in this list that’s voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

No need to forecast her Saimoe capabilities, though. Her campaign was cut short in the second round, and regrettably, with the influx of more new shows next year, I don’t see her doing very well next year. But as long as she doesn’t collide with my high picks for next year, then she will have my support in next year’s campaign.

That’s all for now. As for the other notables, it would have to be moe baseball’s Tamaki (Hirohashi Ryou <3), Modern Magic’s Koyomi (Nonaka Ai <3), and Bakemonogatari’s Hanekawa Tsubasa, Hachikuji Mayoi and Sengoku Nadeko. Umineko is notably absent from the list, but I find Beatrice to be really awesomely wicked.

As for the returning shows, the usual SZS girls will get love from me depending on who they are facing, and much has been said about Horo. Now, onward to the Fall Season, for moe list expansion, fuck yeah!


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