Congratulations to Taiga - 2009 Anime Saimoe!
Congratulations to Taiga - 2009 Anime Saimoe!

First of all, I’d like to thank the people in my Credits section of this blog, and more for a successful Saimoe season, and so you don’t have to bother clicking that link, I’ll outline them here-

chaosprophet – translation work for Anime Saimoe AND Manga Saimoe, every freakin’ day (thank God for Linux), and for also making it possible for me to cover Manga Saimoe. and yeah, he also took care of the tournament brackets for MS.

overfunk – the mean guy whose (mean) girl won it all. *clap clap* seriously though, the third guy in the MS trio, if he didn’t made me aware of it, I couldn’t have covered MS. as for AS, he provided great entertainment, and i’m quite sure you did too, unless you were on the other side of the (trolling) spectrum

Micchi – ah, the Saimoe material collector, one of my inspirations to ACTUALLY try to make a Saimoe site. mine’s still at its bare bones, i’ll try to improve the coverage soon as I can and the site as well.

Seishi, kevo, uis, Kholdstare and Teiran – the Lunatic Antics crew. nice bunch of people we have here. good times talking about Saimoe EVERY day in Their blog posts have been an amazing team effort, so they were a nice read, everytime. Also thanks to Teiran for the Saki sigs and others. He may not post much in AS, but hope to see more of your sigs the next year. Seishi, congrats for your number one girl winning. That remains to happen to me, but yeah, every year is Hina’s year, rite?

SilentOb/Zaon47 – for the interim scores, interesting Saimoe insights and the nice blog. hopefully we can improve on next year’s coverage, man. *brofists*

Anon poster guy/stat guy and – although his/their efforts remain/s anonymous, high5 to him/them. another one of my inspirations for the Saimoe coverage, I tried to fill in the holes of what he couldn’t cover, and I think it worked off wonderfully. Hope to see you next year too, man.

Liddo-kun and my fellow Hinafags – every year will be our year! I’m proud to say that without our votes, Hina wouldn’t have made it to finals. *wink wink*

AS community and the rest of the #anime crew – for discussions Saimoe and non-Saimoe related and inspirations for something, somewhat, somehow. and yeah, prelim translations from early on.

ando – the one who introduced Animesuki to Saimoe and to me. his previous stellar job of covering Saimoe provided an example on how it should be done. – for hosting both Anime Saimoe and Manga Saimoe. And thanks to that, I have something I can occupy myself with, so yeah. and…

the readers of this blog – hope you have a nice time following my (not-so-biased) coverage. as I’ve said, I’ll continue to try to improve, and right now I’m preparing for the 2010 coverage.

As for the actual Year of the Taiga post, I’ll follow it up as soon as I can. For now, you can read the insights of my other fellow bloggers for the Anime Saimoe Tournament as a whole.


Okay, so I have been a few days removed from Saimoe, but somewhat it felt like time flew so quickly and just like that ’twas over. Time to wrap-up this year’s Saimoe tournament, and time to look forward to 2010, which looks to be epic. More on that, later.

For now, here’s a rundown of the top stories for this year’s moe season:

"Don't mind me, heading to the Hall of Fame"

Year of the Taiga – Looking back, I’m still amazed on how Taiga managed to pull off what I call an improbable victory if the early signs were to be considered. Nobody actually predicted her to win it all in the beginning, doomed with the split-vote and all, but then slowly but surely, she managed a wonderful run to take it all. She took a shot at history and clinched it. “Don’t mind me, on my way to Saimoe Hall of Fame.” More or less, something like that.

Although I’m not that much of a Taiga fan, it can’t be denied that her win is one for the (Saimoe) ages. I don’t think it’s a feat that cannot  be duplicated again, winning on the first and only try, both Japan’s Anime Saimoe and Korea’s Best Moe. Again, these were two completely different “metagames” so it’s very difficult to win both. I say that she was in the right places at the right time – sneaking through the bracket in Saimoe when all the attention was at the series wars between Saki, Hayate and K-On, and by the time she was winning, it was too late for her to be stopped. But that’s the bit of luck needed to win Saimoe, and Rika’s 2007 run is a testament to that.

I don’t think I have to delve to the specifics of Taiga’s amazing win, but here’s again a rundown of her victories. Lynette Bishop, Kawashima Ami and Asahina Mikuru, Maria, Nakano Azusa, Saginomiya Isumi, Haramura Nodoka and finally Yui. And what makes the victory even more amazing is that none of them managed to get near the Palmtop Tiger. All of the latter’s wins were at least more than 54 votes and that closest margin was courtesy of Yui herself. Although nothing can be more dominant that Kagami’s win in 2008, Taiga’s championship run is certainly up there. As for her Best Moe win, I’d say she was destined to win both – winning by three votes is just epic.

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Anime Saimoe 2009 and Manga Saimoe Finals 2009 Preview

So a quick semifinal fallout first- I’m not really surprised that Aisaka Taiga and Hirasawa Yui won their respective matches, but I still find it hard to believe how a series like Saki, who posted records after records as the tournament progressed, came out flat in the end, and couldn’t win when it mattered the most. Gotta feel for Saki fans for this heartbreak exit. 2ch proved me wrong about their trolling intents of a Kyoutarou Harem End, and thus i’m 0-2 at predictions this round while 2-0’ing Manga Saimoe, which is a completely opposite of the previous round. But enough of that, and moving on with my thoughts for both the AS and MS finale.

Anime Saimoe Tournament 2009 Championship Match:


We’re at the finish line, time to cap it off with a bang. Aisaka Taiga vs. Hirasawa Yui. For me, both these girls deserve to win the crown based on their previous accomplishments. Much has been said in the Saimoe community on how these girls got here on the biggest stage of moe tournaments. Still, I’ve got my own take of the matter.

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