Anime Saimoe Round 2 Report


Round 2 is finally over, and surprisingly, with a thrilling finish as Ushio managed to tie with Ritsu to bring the third round count to 34: certainly a Saimoe record. So what’s the story so far?

  • Saki remains the series to beat, as they qualified 7 of 11 into Round 3 without much trouble. Hayate no Gotoku managed its Elite 5 into the next Round, while the surging K-On got 3 of 4. Clannad manages to break even at 4 of 8. Toradora could have gone 3 of 3 if Ami was in a different match. That pretty much sums up the Big 5 for this Saimoe 2009.
  • The only huge upset so far was Louise beating Hisa. As for me, Eruruu tying with Haruhi, and Ushio doing the same with Ritsu can be considered as upsets as well. Hamster beating Tomoyo is quite debatable considering Tomoyo was a quarterfinalist last year, but the conditions this year are different.
  • I think Sanzenin Nagi is doing really well right now, and I think she had the best performance in Round 2. To beat Rena in convincing fashion is quite an accomplishment. I’ll also add Amae Koromo to the list of top performers, as Sakuya is not easymodo either, but the Koromo defeated her with ease. Same case for Momoko as well.

Again, has great coverage on stats for Round 2. I’d just be covering some noteworthy tidbits not found on Anon’s site.

  • Barring the two ties, Louise over Hisa by 31 votes remained as the closest match in Round 2. Ayumu’s 47-vote win over Tomoyo is the second closest match, followed by Fuuko’s victory over Yuno, which was decided by 51 votes.
  • The most decisive victory still belonged to Hinagiku, which held a 404 vote advantage over the closest competitor, Mikan. This was two points ahead of Azusa’s 402 vote routing of Kuroko. Maria has the third largest winning margin with 386 votes over Ana Coppola.
  • The most popular match was still the Taiga-Ami match which attracted 1710 voters. Held on the same day, almost as intense was Yui vs. Rika, which had 1704. The aforementioned Louise-Hisa fight had 1459 voters, while the three-way among Ikeda, Tsukasa and Horo finished with 1451 votes. Rounding up the top 5 most popular matches is the tiff between Mihoko and Mikoto, which had 1353 voters.
  • As for the least popular matches, the bottom three would be Utau’s match (701 votes), followed by Nagi’s match (774 votes),  and Miyamira Miyako’s (758). Needless to say, it doesn’t look good for them in the next round.

Now onward to Round 3, and I managed to create some posters for the matches:

R3 match poster - chiaki v minna R3 match poster - nagi v isumi

I need help for some of the match titles. Your suggestions would be very much appreciated, as well as other feedback. For starters, overfunk suggested that the Nagi v Isumi match could have had the title of “The Exorcist” which seems fine to me, lol. Matches that I still don’t have title for are: Maria v Taiga, Minori v Ayumu, Nagisa v Azusa and the Block G three-way matches. In any event, thanks in advance 🙂


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