Week 5 Update


Week 5 Chart Update is done, and I couldn’t find the space to include some stats, because i’m rather hyped about the Hina-Yui and Maria-Taiga matchups, and instead filled the space with week 3 previews. anyway I’m just putting some misc. stats here for those interested ^^,

Vote% Votes Character Series
E2-2 49.06% 836 Hirasawa Yui K-On
F2-2 45.96% 786 Aisaka Taiga Toradora
E2-2 45.36% 773 Furude Rika Higurashi
D2-3 52.88% 689 Amae Koromo Saki
C2-4 58.44% 675 Touyoko Momoko Saki
C2-1 45.51% 664 Louise Zero no Tsukaima
A2-3 51.84% 661 Kataoka Yuuki Saki
F2-3 64.26% 658 Nakano Azusa K-On
C2-1 43.39% 633 Takei Hisa Saki
F2-2 36.67% 627 Kawashima Ami Toradora

Biggest Winning Margin: Hinagiku (404 votes) over Mikan

Smallest Winning Margin: Louise (31 votes) over Hisa

Matchup with Highest Number of Votes: Taiga vs. Ami vs. Mikuru (1710 votes)

Matchup with Lowest Number of Votes: Utau vs. Misaki vs. Nunnally (701 votes)

836 Hirasawa Yui K-On
786 Aisaka Taiga Toradora
773 Furude Rika Higurashi
689 Amae Koromo Saki
675 Touyoko Momoko Saki
664 Louise Zero no Tsukaima
661 Kataoka Yuuki Saki
658 Nakano Azusa K-On
633 Takei Hisa Saki
627 Kawashima Ami Toradora

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