Anime Saimoe Round 3 Report and Block Finals Preview

Momoko, Kana, Azusa, Isumi, Nodoka, Louise, Amu, Minori, Yui, Yuuki, Taiga, Chiaki, Mihoko, Eruruu, Koromo and Nagi are all in the Best 16.

The Best 16 is set,  Round 3 is in the books, and the story continues to be Saki domination. In addition, Clannad crashed out, Hayate stumbled, while Toradora and K-On jumped out on front of their forerunners. That’s what basically this round was, in a nutshell.

Now for the specifics. As usual though, I’ll be covering numbers not covered by Anon’s Saimoe site.

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Dreams Denied

Saimoe 2009 continues and no doubt the biggest story so far is Hirasawa Yui ending yet another title quest for Katsura Hinagiku, in an epic match that lived up to its billing. But it’s not time for the Saimoe Round 3 Report yet. This post is dedicated to the characters in the past years who should have, would have, could have won the title of Saimoe in their own right, but in this not-so-perfect world, perhaps they never will. Yes, Hina-chan is in the list, with four others.

Shinku (Rozen Maiden)

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