4-Way Junction

1st 82 Sakura Kyouko @ Madoka Magica
1st 82 Suiseiseki @ Rozen Maiden
1st 82 Nishikino Maki @ Love Live!
1st 82 Ayase Eri @ Love Live!
5th 75 Kousaka Honoka @ Love Live!
6th 69 Charlotte Dunois @ Infinite Stratos
7th 68 Noumi Kudryavka @ Little Busters
8th 61 Tsuruta Himeko @ Saki
9th 59 Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate No Gotoku
10th 57 Furude Rika @ Higurashi
11th 54 Kotegawa Yui @ To Love-Ru
12th 53 Fukuyo Kouko @ Saki

Take-away points from today’s group:

  • Madoka and Saki are still looking very solid coming into the second day of the veterans’ prelim round. Could we be in for another year of either of these two dominating proceedings?
  • In any case, it seems that they will face a tougher challenge this time round, with the girls from Love Live turning up the heat. The idols could be indeed turn out to be their biggest threat
  • Rozen Maiden’s lengthy absence from Saimoe has not affected their ability to compete, it seems. Good ol’ Desu. The old powerhouse of Saimoe vs the new ones – certainly something to watch out for, provided the dolls can keep their joints intact
  • Hayate’s Saimoe performance has been pretty bad in the past two years but at least Hinagiku didn’t suffer the ignominy of not qualifying via the first prelim round. No such luck for Maria and Izumi though
  • While Love Live is looking good this year, im@s has slumped, with Miki unable to obtain a spot in the Top 12